What is the law for car repossession for a used car at a buy here pay here dealership?

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It may vary by state, but car repo (snatch and run) is against the law in Louisiana. If the repo man shows up wanting you to sign some papers, and has a cop sitting close by, don't worry. By law, if you don't sign that piece of paper, they cannot take your car. (The cop and repo guy are friends, or just got a kick back.) But it's easier to do that than go to court and end up paying the court fees also.
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What is the minimum FICO score needed to get a car loan at a dealership as opposed to a 'Buy-here-pay-here' lot?

Having a mid to high FICO score doesn't necessarily say: "you're approved!". Although it does reflect the general credit situation - payments on time, debt to pay ratio isn't

How long does a buy here pay here take to get a car repossessed?

Answer . Every company is different..collections start the minute a payment goes past due. Usually the repo starts after 3 pmts are due maybe sooner if there are no comm

Can a buy here pay here car lot repossess your car and not want a payment and not want to give your car back?

\nThis depends on the contract. Many contracts allow them to demand full payment if you are even one day late. You then usually have 10 days or so to pay the entire thing of

Can a buy here pay here car be repossessed?

Even though it is a buy here pay here dealer it is in the contract you signed. You dont pay they will take your car and you WILL have to pay the late payments on top of the r
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WHEN you go to a Buy here pay here car dealerships that does not do credit checks if you skip payments and they reposses the car does that go on your credit record?

If a contract was signed, then they have the legal right to come after you for any deficiency after they resell the vehicle, any monies from that sale will be then be applied
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How does a buy here pay here car dealership work?

Basically, instead of going through the process of getting a loanfrom a bank, the dealership holds the lien and lets you pay themdirectly against what you owe.