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What is the meaning of a tattoo with a snake wrapped around a lotus flower?

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In Japanese folklore, the tale of a snake hiding WITHIN a lotus represents the poor judgment behind viewing something solely from it's outer appearance.
It shows that, despite the tranquility and beauty of the lotus, within it's petals lies something dangerous.
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What does the ohm lotus tattoo mean?

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What is the symbolic meaning of a lotus flower tattoo?

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What is the Symbolism of a red lotus flower tattoo?

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Meaning of lotus flower tattoo?

Buddha used the lotus flower as an analogy of how a persons mind can be transformed and reach serenity. He said that the lotus starts its life in the mud of the river, but slo

What does a lotus flower tattoo symbolize?

The lotus flower symbolizes LIFE or SOUL. I got a tattoo about half an hour ago saying "De La Soul" in fancy writing, a famous hip-hop group from the 70's...they also happen

What does the lotus flower mean to Buddhists?

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What does the Hinduism sign the lotus flower mean?

it symbolises purity because it grows out of dirty swampy water, yet it emerges pure, clean, and unattached. this is what encourages hindus to live in a pure state no matter w

What does death as a lotus flower mean?

In Ancient Egypt, the white lotus flower is said to give strength and power, which is why remains of it has been found in burial tombs of Egyptian rulers.

What does a lotus flower color mean?

I don't know what the colour means, but what i do know is that the lotus flower is a symbol of purity or peace and is also a symbol of the world.