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Infuse means to pour and is usually used in medical scenarios, for example to infuse tea or herbs for a soothing drink is to pour hot water on them. From this use it also comes to mean revitalise, eg 'The bank hoped that by infusing some fresh funds into the profitable operations it could turn the company around.'
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Is the infusion scary?

i have been on infusion in Blackpool pleasure beach it is so fun don't worry if you are afraid of the drop , you wont even be able to notice it. the thing about fast rides is

What does infuse half the hot chicken stock with the saffron mean?

  It means set aside and reserve half the stock called for in the recipe, and infuse (place the saffron in) the other half. Some recipes are hard to understand, and it's g

Why do we infuse iv albumin in a person?

To treat a variety of conditions, including shock due to blood loss in the body, burns, low protein levels due to surgery or liver failure, and as an additional medicine in by

Is hay infusion a prokaryotic or a eukaryotic?

Hay infusion is a method of making a suitable home for your microorganisms to grow, this is achieved by boiling hay with water. This results to a broth, rich with carbohydrate

What is a reclast infusion?

A Reclast infusion is a procedure whereby you can get one infusion each year instead of the medications by mouth that are given for treatment of osteopena or osteoporosis. "Re

What are the complications of IV infusions?

  Incorrect flow rate of infusion   Air embolis   Extravasation (the infusion going into somewhere other than in a vein)   Increased risk of infection   allerg

What does infusion mean?

Infusion means generate or inject something. It may be capital infusion to a company by its share holders or banker.

What is a transdermal infusion?

Transdermal infusion is a method of administering drugs by placing the drug in a gel-like matrix applied to the skin. The drug is absorbed to the bloodstream through the skin.

How can you get a plural infusion from rheumatoid arthritis?

A pleural effusion is exesive collection of fluid in the pleural This can be the result of excess fluid production or decreased absorption. It is the most common manifestation
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What does it mean to 'infuse the situation'?

There is not a common phrase to "infuse the situation." One may "diffuse the situation" by spreading out or scattering the explosive issue at hand. It can also mean to put a d