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Dieu is the French word for God. Saying "Mon Dieu!" is the equivalent of saying "Oh my God!" Dieu also is a Vietnamese name for a girl!
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The meaning of grace a dieu in English?

It means 'by the grace of God' which can also be expressed as 'through God's goodwill'. It does not mean 'thanks to God' except in the sense of 'thanks to the agency or good o

What is meaning of mon Dieu?

In French "mon Dieu" means "My God", or something along the lines of, oh my god, my god.

What does Dieu et mon devoir mean?

dieu et mon devoir means "God and my duty". This is a saying from a coat of arms referencing the english royal saying "dieu et mon droit" (God and my right) by implying that i

What is the meaning of the word Au Dieu?

"i think it means farewell? used when you never expect to see a person again. goodbye forever." You are correct; it is a saying of "goodbye" to someone you don't plan to see a

What is the meaning of Grace Dieu?

  The greatest of all medieval ships, Henry V's the Grace Dieu was a remarkable vessel of a similar size to HMS Victory , although with her towering castles she looked ver