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It is just an extension of the word 'presume'.
If you are presumptuous it means you jump to conclusions or immediately assume somebody will say or do something in a certain way.
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What does the word means mean?

The verb "to mean" means that something is significant ormeaningful, that something can be related to a person's experienceor knowledge.

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I depends on context. As in "unkind", it is "malo or antipático". If you want to say "nasty", use "malhumorado". There are various other less common usages. As a verb, "t

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it means that you r stupid or it means u are a real jerk

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It means "god" in Bengali usually coupled with "oh" or "orey" to make oh God or oh my God. But i kinda doubt that this is the explanation you are looking for.

You present a case of deficient paternity with two presumptive fathers analyzed with 19 autosomic short tandem repeats STR and resolved by means of the study of 12 Y-chromosome STR Fift?

Someone said two men could not father the same baby. Well take a look at this deficient paternity where each presumptive father was almost 100% proved to be the father. They

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What does presumption arises mean on the Chapter 7 filing?

In general, "presumption arises" means "if you do X, then people will think it's because Y". It would help to have this in context, but I suspect it's saying something like "I