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What is the penalty for using someone else's social security number for employment purposes?

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The fine is up to 15 years in prison, and up to 250,000 dollars fine. You may think it is simple and not really such a bad thing to do, coming to America and using a random SS number to get a job somewhere, but if you are caught, it is seen as identity theft, fraud, and however else the judge will see it. It is best to get it done legally, a work visa, a student visa person can ask their school for a temporary work permit, or fall in love and get married and then get your green card and permit to work. DON'T take the risk of becoming a hardened criminal, because all that hard earned money you make at your new job might just be taken away from you and you will still end up oweing more for the rest of your life...or go rent free..in jail. Good luck and please do the right thing. C.H.
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Do employers get information from your Drivers License or social security number?

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You do not. Use of the Social Security number is the exclusive venue of the Social Security Administration as established by the Social Security Act.

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