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What is the plumbing drop to main sewer line if you are installing a toilet 40 feet from the exisiting sewer line?

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5 inches of drop. 1/8 inch per foot.
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How do you keep roots out of the main sewer line?

Tree roots in sewer lines force you for sewer line replacement to  cut down tree roots below are few solutions.    1. Mechanically Cutting Tree Roots  One of the most

How far can a basement toilet be from the main sewer line?

if you are fitting a maserator unit like Saniflo you can go  horizontally up to 100 meters or vertically up to 4 meters but you  must have a 1 in 200 gravity fall on the hor

What do you do when the sewer is above the plumbing line and you need to install a toilet?

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Where will the main sewer line be?

If you have a basement, you can see where the line goes through the wall. It is probably a straight line from that point to the street or alley depending on where it is. If in

How do you clear a main sewer line?

That would depend on what type of "Stoppage" is presentRoots, rags hard stoppages require rodding (snakes) soft stoppages grease ,soil require the use of water Jetters to scou