What is the process of marrying an American and living in Canada if you are Canadian When would he be eligible to find work and would he have to be sponsored if we got married in Canada?

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First after marriage or before: one of you have to decided which will denounce ones citizenship of either nation or if one of you will have dual citizenship. He can find work now on a visa
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If a Canadian living in the U.S and married to an American has a child in Canada can the child be both an American and Canadian citizen?

Yes, they can and are. Canada will recognize the child naturally because they were born on Canadian soil, and to a Canadian parent. The child will also inherit the US Citizens

If you live in Canada and want to marry an American how do you go about doing this?

Easiest way is to have him, in the US, apply for a K-1 Fiance visa. (Petition for Alien Fiance Form I-129F) That form will get you started and tell you what you need to do. It

Can an American citizen marry a Canadian citizen in Canada?

Answer . \nYes you can, but you will have to go to Imigration for instructions as to what papers you need, etc. It's a little tougher since 9/11, but I know lots of Americ

How can you find a Canadian girl to marry in Canada?

The best way to find a Canadian girl to marry in Canada is to lookin the places where single girls are likely to be. Some places tocheck would be bars, dance clubs, and social

Can you legally marry your American fiancee in Canada if you are Canadian with no hassle?

Answer . There is always what you call a "hassle" as far as Immigration. You would need to seek legal counsel to know how to go about this. Either you will be living in

I want to marry a Canadian and live in Canada i am an American is that possible?

I married a Canadian and moved to Canada. You will need to get your immgration status done. They give you a non alien one year visa at the boarder which means you can live in
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Can an American citizen and a Mexican citizen live and get married in Canada?

Any person with citizenship in any country may apply for immigration here easily if they have someone here to sponsor them, like a spouse, parent, family member, etc. Sponsors