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Bang him in public up the rear

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I would like to live at Canada and get a citizenship how can?

You need to get married to a Canadian citizen or apply for a Canadian Visa to get the citizenship of Canada.

Can a Canadian citizen apply to become a Canadian?

If they hold a Canadian citizenship they already are Canadian and there is no need to apply.

You are Canadian and you are getting married to an American you intend to still live in Canada what do you do?

Your partner will need to get Canadian citizenship. Since you already live in Canada, then it will not be a problem for you.Ê

How do you get Canadian citizenship if you are an American?

An American citizen wishing to become instead, a citizen of our northerly neighbor need simply meet the criteria for anyone else seeking Canadian citizenship. To wit: He/She must be:aged 18 or overa Canadian permanent resident]have lived in Canada for a total of 3 out of the 4 years preceding the application for citizenship.'know about Canada and pass a test to demonstrate that knowledge (for applicants between 18 and 54)know the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.

You are Canadian therefore will your baby automatically be Canadian?

No. If your baby is born outside of Canada you need to apply for them to have Canadian citizenship. A child's citizenship is automatically determined based on where they are born.

I came to usa with a Canadian citizenship card and am i able to go back to Canada with just the citizenship?

By land or sea, the Citizenship card will be fine. By air, you will need a valid passport, but if you hold dual citizenship (one of which is Canadian), you can use the other country's passport to fly BUT you will need to present your Canadian citizenship card at the check-in counter AND at Canadian immigration to demonstrate you don't need a Canadian visa for entry. Cheers! T Help me in the battle to conquer cancer. Please support my fundraising efforts at

Can Americans live in Canada on their visa without giving up their citizenship?

Americans can live in Canada if they apply for permanent residence. They do not, however, need to "give up" their citizenship and may apply for a dual citizenship. They will have both a Canadian and their American citizenships.

If mother is Canadian and father is US citizen and child is born in Canada in 1965 with citizenship can they be granted automatic us citizenship?

you need to register as an American Born Abroad before 18, so probably not.

If you have a Vietnam passport but live in the US and want to go to Canada what do you need to cross and reenter the border?

yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa yes but u need a american/canadian visa

What do you need to do to get Canadian citizenship?

Gaining citizenship may depend on several factors or actions. See the related link for more information.

You are Canadian with Irish citizenship which is part of EU Do you need a work visa for Austria?


Can a Canadian citizen married to a US citizen get dual citizenship for their children born in the US?

Yes, they can. You just need to do the paper works at the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate general. Your children will then receive wallet-sized card which is their certificate of Canadian citizenship.

How can a US citizen get Filipino citizenship?

S/he would need to renounce their American citizenship as requested by the laws of Philippines.

Child is born in Canada to an American father and Canadian mother Can child have dual citizenship?

I am a Canadian born person. My mother is from the US and my father is Canadian. However, my mother became a Canadian citizen months before I was born. I am told that I have citizenship in both countries but I'm not sure what all the rules and regulations involved with that are. If you are in a position where you need to find out for any reason such as moving to another country or such, I advise talking with a lawyer about it because every person's situation is different and it can affect the laws. My guess is your child already has duel citizenship-you don't have to apply for it.

Can you get Canadian citizenship through marriage?

Yes, you can get Canadian citizenship through marriage. However, easier said than done. It is not automatic. Marriage will allow the non-Canadian spouse to obtain permanent residency. After 3 years of basic residence/and or physical presence in Canada can apply for citizenship. Everyone needs to satisfy this requirement, which provides the same rights and benefits as citizens except one cannot vote. The Canadian spouse will need to sponsor the non-Canadian, where he/she will need to prove that he/she makes enough money which will allow him/her to support the spouse. Also need to sign a statement that no welfare will be claimed. This remains applicable for 3 years, until the landed immigrant spouse becomes eligible for citizenship.

Can you join CIA as a Canadian citizen?

apparently not..i was looking into this too because i am a Canadian citizen wanting to join the CIA or Secret Service but u need a U.S. Citizenship. :(

If a baby is born in England to a Canadian mother and an Indian father does the baby automatically get Canadian and or English citizenship?

The baby would be English and if you wanted you can file papers for the baby for his Canadian citizenship as well. The baby COULD be English. Baby can always become the nationality of a parent, but you are going to have to go to the embassy to let them know.... The baby would likely be entitled to dual citizenship. It will automatically be British, but if you contact the Canadian Consolate they can give you more information. My daughter is a dual citizen of both the US & the UK. I'm American & my ex husband was British. She was born in the US, but I was told that all I need do is apply for a British passport, or place her on my ex husband's passport (not sure if that's allowed anymore, but it was 11 years ago). I understand that Canadian citizenship laws have a lot in common with American laws, so it's worth checking into!

Does a Canadian Citizen with an American Residence need a passport to travel to Mexico from the USA Is it better to travel by air from Canada to Mexico as a Canadian Citizen with American Residence?

All Canadian and American citizens need passports to travel to Mexico. The main reason they need the passport is to reenter Canada or the United States.

Do you need a Canadian passport to enter Canada if you have a Canadian citizenship card?

Yes, you need a Canadian passport. What most people still do not realize is that the commercial airlines will not allow you to board the aircraft without a passport. So it's not just the governments.Even if you travel by land, the US requires you to show a valid passport..............................Hold on, now. The question was about a Canadian Citizen entering Canada. It was not about boarding an aircraft.When you leave the USA and cross the border into Canada, you don't have to show anything to US Customs. You only need a passport to enter the USA.The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the right of a Canadian citizen to enter Canada. A Citizenship Card is proof of Canadian Citizenship. Under the Charter, that is sufficient to be admitted to Canada.

Born in Canada to an American mother and a Canadian father do you need a Canadian passport to enter the us?

No, but it is the document that would make it easiest. Being born to an American citizen is moot however. For any Canadian what is needed is proof of Canadian citizenship AND government issued photo ID, generally a drivers license. This has been the requirements since 31 January 2008.The American parent is only relevant if the person is attempting to become an American citizen.Full details found at

Can you put your husband from Turkey on your US checking account?

If he is a US citizen that happens to be in Turkey, then yes. If he has Turkish citizenship, he will need to attain US citizenship (either dual citizenship or give up his Turkish citizenship for an American one).

What do you need to cross the US and Canadian border?

You need a passport showing you are an American citizen!

Do you need a visa to traval to India as a Canadian citizen?

Yes, you do. But if you are of Indian origin, then you should get Overseas Indian Citizenship visa.Overseas Indian Citizenship visa, is a sticker pasted on a visa page on your passport and has lifelongvalidity.

What is a slogan for citizenship?

you need to listen to have citizenship

Can a us citizen and a uruguayan citizen get married in Mexico than apply ofr citizenship?

You mean to apply for Mexican citizenship? Or just marrying? Either way, yes you can, but several legal requirements need to be fulfilled beforehand. See the related links for further information.

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