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Technology is the foundation of globalization. Without the participation of technology, this process would not be possible. Technological advances made ​​it possible contacts between people living in different parts of the world. Modern tools of communication and transport allow companies to conduct business not only locally but also globally.
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What is the role of wto in globalization?

World Trade Organization, based in Geneva, Switzerland. It primarily deals with the rules of trade and commerce between two countries. Structure - Made of 2 entities: 1. WTO

What role does technology play in global warming?

Technology involves factories and manufactured products. Pollution increases as technology rises. Global Warming is caused by different harmful chemicals. Factories produce sm

What role did new technologies play in sparking the early wave of globalization before world war 1?

It led to imperialism. With new improvements in ships, transportation modes, etc., the European nations were not only able to conquer many lands around the world (or gain infl

What is the definition of global technology?

The definition of global technology is a way of producing and  diversifying analysis or experiments around the world. Technology  has changed the global economic structure a

What is the role of global manager?

  The global manager has to play multidimension role by combining his technical skill, people skill and soft skill. the manager must have combination of hard as well as so

What is global technology?

Global technology is a way of producing analysis around the world.  It is a way of diversification of experiments and analysis  globally.

What does technology bring to global communication?

Technology has had many advancements in global communication over  the years. Today's technology makes it possible to communicate  globally with the push of a button via tex

What role does modern technology play in globalization?

Technology plays vital role in linking the world with Internet , TV , telecommunication facilities ,teleconferences and other such facilities to make it a global village

Definition of technological globalization?

Technolological- of, or relationg to technologyGlobalization- growth to a global or worldwide scale Therefore, technological globalization is the growth of the world through

What is the role of Global Distribution Systems?

A computer reservations system or central reservation system CRS is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel

How globalization is changing the role of the managers?

well as we know Globalization entails new mindset, new market, new competencies, and new ways of thinking about business. Internet allows data to be instantly accessible aroun

Effect of globalization on information technology?

the effect of globalization on information technology could be thatthe more people in the world the more knowledge there is to be shared with computers. as the human race deve

Is there technology to help global warming?

Scientists are looking at different ways to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. They are also looking at ways to prevent cattle belching methane. Both of these ar

How has technology influenced global change?

Technology has given major influence to us all through out the years have passed. You could simply imagine during the early years of our parents how hard communication was for

What country is the leader in global technology?

The answer to this question will vary according to what type of technology one is speaking of. The Japanese and Koreans are famous for the design of their electronics. The S