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e business has helped develop the media industries in many ways
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What is the role of the media in our country?

The role of media in the US is to inform, entertain, and advocate  for change. Also, unfortunately, it seems like the media takes on  the roles of invasive snooper and scare

What is the role of media in national development?

MEDIA IN DEVELOPMENT - Development refers to a change process geared at improving or making better, the life and environment of man. Dudley Sears (1985), posited that developm

Role of electronic media in communication?

ROLE OF ELECTRONIC MEDIA IN COMMUNICATION Communication and electronic media go hand in hand. In this technology oriented era the use of electronic communication is inevita

Role of media in Indian democracy?

The role of the media in the Indian democracy is that to give correct information to the people and always help to people to express their public opnion and the information th

What is the role of photography in print media?

Photographs are not space fillers in a newspaper as many may think. Photographs are used to make ideas explained in writing more visible and fathomable to the readers. They ar

Role of electronic media in marketing?

Electronic Media is the most powerful medium in marketing. Digital  Marketing which is trending as the most result oriented marketing  method is adopted by many renowned PR

What is the role of media in politics in India?

  The important identity of a responsible media is playing an unbiased role in reporting a matter without giving unnecessary hype to attract the attention of the gullible

What is the role of media in education?

Use of media in education such as computers , smart class , Teach Next help children to know more about their subject, they get complete information about any topic.They can e

What is the role of media in disaster management?

Media have an important role, and a huge responsibility, in providing clear and accurate information to the public during a disaster. In addition to official emergency broadca

What are the three roles of media?

Media can be stated as the communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages are disseminated. It actaully inlcludes broadcast