What is the sand bugger mentioned in Rawlings The Yearling?

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There were poke-greens with bits of white bacon buried in them; sand-buggers made of potato and onion and the cooter he had found crawling yesterday; sour orange biscuits and at his mother's elbow the sweet potato pone. Poke greens are a kind of vegetable - the Poke Salad plant or Pokeweed. White bacon is the fatty part of the bacon. He explains that the Sand-buggers are made of potato and onion and cooter, which is a slang term for a snapping turtle. A sweet potato pone is a cornbread cake made with sweet potatoes.
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What is the value of a 1932 edition of The Yearling by Marjorie Rawlings with pictures by NC Wyeth?

Answer . N.C. Wyeth's first illustrated issue was 1939.it was in a boxed edition and the most common as the brown buckram with palm tree. If it is this first with dust jacket that says Pulitzer Prise edition and in great shape, this determines most of the price, it can be worth as much as $250.0 (MORE)

How can you get a bugger butt?

if you mean bigger then just do squats or when your walking try to tense up your but as you walk this will strengthen the muscles thus making it bigger hope this helps

What is a yearling?

A yearling is an animal between one and two years old, or a horsewho is considered to be one year old until the next occurrence of aJanuary 1 - accepted to be the universal birthdate of all horsesbased on the ages they can compete in a race.

Do dogs have buggers?

yes they do, when a dog has a cold you may need to wipe their nose because it can be runny.

What are buggers made of?

Your nose has this sticky stuff coating the inside of it. when you breath in through your nose all of the bacteria, dirt, and chemicals you inhale stick to the substance and it forms a bugger.

What is a yearling cow?

There is no such thing as a yearling cow. A cow is a mature female bovine that is over 2 years of age that has already had a calf. A yearling is a young bull, steer or heifer that is around one year of age.

What makes buggers?

Mucus is produced to line the nasal cavity in order to trap foreignobjects and protect the body's respiratory system. Dried mucus,commonly referred to as boogers, can build up in the nasal cavityand cause discomfort.

Why do you have buggers?

Do you mean boogers? If so I can tell you. Every time you breathe in with your nose particles like dust get stuck in your nose hairs. (That's why we have nose hair) They begin to clump together almost, and become boogers. Hope this helps!

What is the meaning of bugger?

bug·ger 1 (bgr, bg-). n. 1. Vulgar Slang A sodomite. 2. Slang A contemptible or disreputable person. 3. Slang A fellow; a chap: "He's a silly little bugger, then" John le Carré. v. bug·gered , bug·ger·ing , bug·gers Vulgar Slang v. intr. To practice sodomy. (MORE)

How do you spell bugger?

The spelling "bugger" is a UK slang term, sometimes derogatory, for a male person. Originally the term meant a sodomite, from the verb to bugger (sodomize), and is used as an epithet or mild oath.

Why do children eat their buggers?

Children eat their buggers because when they pick their nose because they feel something in it they pick something out of it and they are like hey there is something to eat let me try it!

Can a yearling be in foal?

A January of last year filly can possibly have had her first heat and with estrus (heat) and a stud, she could be in foal. If she is less than 90 days pregnant using prostaglandin (aka lutylase) will terminate the pregnancy. A yealring is still growing and developing to much to fast to safely carry (MORE)

What is a bugger?

"Bugger" can be a friendly, colloquial term for a rascal, or it can be used as an insult for someone who's unfair or mean-spirited. It depends entirely on the context.. If one is facing a problem, it can also mean that it's an annoying problem and very difficult to figure out, e.g. "It's a real bug (MORE)

Are you a bugger?

everyone is a bugger in this world but animals arent because they are small and furry.

How do buggers in your nose form?

The formation is the result of two things. First is mucus which our bodies make to prevent our nasal passeges from drying out and to humidify the air which we inhale. A second component is dust, lint, and other contaminents which is removed from the air we breath by contact with the sticky mucus. (MORE)

What does the English word bugger mean?

Bugger is a slang, somtimes thought of as offensive word which is used in a similar way to "Damn". e.g. "Oh bugger! I lost the bet". It is thought of as offensive because it means anal sex.

What is the summary of The Yearling?

This is a tale spun in post-Civil War Florida. It is the tale of a family who carve a home out of the wild. It is the tale of a boy and the incredible relationship he has with his father. It is the tale of a man who cheerfully struggles to help his wife return to the world of living people after her (MORE)

Why would a yearling cow die?

There are many different reasons that a yearling calf could die. Orany cow. !) It was born with a defect that finally killed it. 2) Itcould have contracted a illness that could have killed it.3) Apredator could have killed it, the kind of predator would depend onthe area the calf lived in. 4) It cou (MORE)

How much does a yearling bovine weigh?

It depends on their gender, breed, nutrient level and genetics. Continentals will have higher yearling weights than British breeds; bulls will have heavier yearling weights than heifers; bulls will have heavier yearling weights than steers. Yearlings are no longer babies, but quite literally "teenag (MORE)

How tall should a yearling be?

The height of a yearling horse depends on its breed and genetics. Usually the height of a yearling is about 2/3rds of his expected adult height.

What are buggers in the book enders game?

The buggers in the book Ender's Game are the aliens that are attacking Earth, they have attacked Earth 2 times before, and now, the humans are attacking the Buggers.

How do you teach a yearling colt not to bite?

You get something called "phooey" spray. You can get it at pet stores. What you do is when ever the foal bites spray some phooey spray in it mouth. You con use phooey spray on any animal the bites. "it work

Can you castrate a yearling by cow elastration?

Since a "Cow" is a female their is no such thing as cow elastration. Yes, you can use the elastrator method on any size bull, but the younger the better. The tetanus and penicillin shots are not necessary because no skin is being broken that might invite infection. Banding is a way to castrate a bul (MORE)

What is the origin and meaning of bugger?

The word 'bugger' is a slang term for someone who does unacceptable sexual practices. 'Bugger' comes from the old Anglo-Norman word, 'Boulgre', which comes from the original name for the Bulgars, a rough tribe who originally conquered the area now named, 'Bulgaria'. These days, 'Bugger' can me (MORE)

Can a yearling filly be fertile?

Sometimes; some(but not all) fillies are able to reproduce at that young of age...altough it is much safer(to the animal's health) to wait till they are at least 2 or 3. The mafority of mares are ready at 2. Same with the colts...some are able to breed while yearlings, and some aren't able to breed (MORE)

Can you start backing a horse as a yearling?

Backing as in riding, or backing as in training? The horse is never too young to begin groundwork. In the first few hours it is born is the time the foal should begin its training. However, I would not advise riding the horse as a yearling. Horses continue developing until they are about 7 or 8. 3 o (MORE)

What is another name for yearling sheep?

a one to two year old lamb can be a ewe-lamb or a ram-lamb or a wether they can also so be called a hogget after the ewe lamb has her first lamb or is two years old she is called a ewe or as a group sheep as she gets older her meat will be called mutton

What is the difference between a foal and a yearling?

the difference between a foal and a yearling is a foal is a horse under the age of one years old. This can be either male or female a male being called a colt and a female a filly. Once the foal becomes over one year old it becomes a yearling. And again to differ between male and female the term col (MORE)

What is the yearling weight of wagyu cattle?

The average yearling weight of a Wagyu bovine is around 700 lbs, depending on sex (bulls>steers>heifers). Relatively speaking, these yearling weights are comparable to other similar-sized British breeds like Hereford, Shorthorn and even Angus.

How do you handle an injured yearling?

Can't give you a proper answer. It all depends on how much handing the yearling has had before the injury and how bad the injury is. You haven't said if it's a joint injury or a flesh wound... As always with horses, you must be calm and quiet but persistent. Reassure the horse and keep it calm, as t (MORE)

What is carpet buggers?

Northerners who went south during the reconstruction motivated byprofit or idealism. many were actually interested in helping orfreeing slaves.

What is a yearling pup?

A yearling is a pup that is about the size of a full grown, normally their still growing some so sometimes they can look quite awkward, but still act like a puppy and are learning their place. Basically, its their transition phase from puppy-hood to being an adult... a teenager I suppose would be th (MORE)

Is bugger color green?

It depends on the situation.. If you have mucous and it is very serious your mucous will become green and frizzy. :)

Is regumate ok for yearling colts?

No it is not. Regumate is designed for mares. It is used to help prevent them from coming into season by 'adjusting' the levels of certain female hormones. Since a colt is a male it will not affect him in the same way and may cause problems with his hormones. Further more you would need a equine vet (MORE)

What is a yearling chicken?

A yearling chicken is a chicken that is within its first year oflife. Some chicken farmers often consider chickens that have notcompleted their second year of life to be included in the yearlingchicken category as well.

Is a yearling female?

A yearling can be a male or female. A yearling, as defined by wikipedia, is an animal that is a year old.