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What is the second largest French-speaking city in Canada?

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Ottawa I think either that or Montreal but I think Montrreal is the largest
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Largest city in Canada?

Toronto is the Largest Canadian city.

What are the four largest city in Canada?

1-Toronto (Mississuaga): Province-Ontario 2- Montreal (Laval, Lonqueuil): Province- Quebec 3-Vancouver (Surrey, Burnaby):Province-British Columbia 4-Ottawa-Gatineau : Provinc

What is the second largest french speaking city after Paris?

in France that would be Marseille. outside of France it is kinshasa. Montreal has less than 4 million people, making it the 4th largest french speaking city in the world. ab

Canadas largest city?


What is the largest city in Canada?

Toronto, Ontario is the largest Canadian city. It has a population  of 2.48 million, or 5.5 million if the Great Toronto Area is  considered.    1. Toronto, Ontario (

What are the largest cities in Canada by population?

  Top ten Metropolitan areas ( Listed from Largest to Smallest ): Toronto ON, Montreal QC, Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Ottawa ON, Edmonton AB, Quebec City, QC, Winnipeg MB,

3rd largest city in Canada?

  Vancouver is the 3rd largest city in Canada.

What is the second largest religion in Canada?

The second largest reported religious affiliation in Canada is "no religion" (after Christianity, the largest religion in Canada). The third largest religious affiliation and

What is the largest city in US and Canada?

New York City is the largest city in US, and the second largest city in North America. Mexico City is the largest. Toronto Is the largest city in Canada, and the fifth larges