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What language is this?
Se vale is Spanish for "It is worth," but "to to" isn't Spanish, I wonder if you are misspelling it?  
"To to" is Puerto Rican slang for Todo, which means everything. He's saying "Everything is valuable."

Toto is also puerto rican slang for vagina. The song has double meaning.
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What is the translation for the spanish phrase nos vale madre?

It is a slang for, "We don't give a darn." It can also mean, "We don't care." If this phrase is said in Mexico then the first meaning fits. Usually, any phrase with the word "

What is the translation of 'La vida no vale nada'?

The Spanish sentence 'La vida no vale nada' translates into English as ''Life is not worth anything' or 'Life is worth nothing'. La = the, vida = life, no =not, vale = value

Translate Mi Vale Madre?

The correct question is " Me Vale Madre " which translates to " I don't Care " Hence, It is Mexican Slang and it could be taken as vulgar and offensive. I rather say " No me

What is 'Você vale ouro' when translated from Portuguese to English?

"You are worth gold" is an English equivalent of the Portuguese phrase Você vale ouro. The subject pronoun, present indicative verb, and masculine singular noun represent an