What is the value of a mas mle1936 7.5x54mm cal french made rifle?

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The value of any particular rifle depends in great part on its condition, so without knowing that piece of information it is very hard to say what the value of your rifle is. However, MAS 36 rifles of World War II vintage typically sell for anything between $100 and around $300 -- again, depending on many things and especially on condition. The MAS 36 was produced and issued to the French Army well into the 1950s, but unless the rifle had a provenance from the Battle of Dien Bien Phu anything built after 1940 (the year France fell to the Nazis) probably has minimal collector value. I own a very nice World War II vintage MAS 36, which I bought at auction through Gunbroker.com for $100. I was the only bidder. I've seen them on display at gun shows priced between about $200 and $300 - but I didn't see anybody buying them. There are probably only three types of people who would buy a MAS 36: serious collectors who want one in excellent condition to fill that hole in their WWII rifle collection; WWII buffs who want a great piece of history but can't afford a Mauser 98k (much less an M1 Garand!); or rabid Francophiles. Oh, and maybe re-enactors of the French army of WWII...but you don't find too many of them around...
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