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Some defintions of an actual word exclude what are called utterances, or more commonly exclamations. These words may be a part of speech in some usages, but not always. Some are onomatopoeia (sound words) which are based on the phonetic spellings of natural noises.
Some exclamations: ouch, yow, brr, grr, psst, shh, agh, phooey, whew.

Other words are not considered formal English. These words are called slang, and may include corrupted pronunciations, or words that come from idiomatic usage in a language.
Examples of slang are ho/hoe to mean a loose woman or prostitute (from whore) or sazzled, which has no consistent application but can mean disoriented or drunk.

In computer sciences and mathematics, a word usually means any string of characters from some given set of symbols.
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