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Allons-y is a response to 'On y va?' The imperative 'allons' means '[we] go'. The adverb 'y' means 'there'. The subject pronoun 'on' means 'one, they, we'. The verb 'va' means '[he/she/it/one] does go, goes, is going'. The phrases respectively are pronounced 'ah-loh-zee' and 'oh-nee-vah'.
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What is the meaning of ça va in French?

As a question, i.e. "Ça va?", it means "How are you?" As an answer, i.e. "Ça va!", it means "I'm OK" or "Fine, thanks". You can also say "Ça va bien, merci" which m

What is 'On y va pour apprendre' when translated from French to English?

"We go there to learn" is an English equivalent of the French phrase On y va pour apprendre . The pronunciation of the declarative statement in the third person impersonal si

How do you answer comment ca va in french?

Comment ca va? means How are you? . If you are feeling good, you would answer with Ca va bien . If you are feeling bad, you would answer with Ca va mal . If you are feeli