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Allons-y is a response to 'On y va?' The imperative 'allons' means '[we] go'. The adverb 'y' means 'there'. The subject pronoun 'on' means 'one, they, we'. The verb 'va' means '[he/she/it/one] does go, goes, is going'. The phrases respectively are pronounced 'ah-loh-zee' and 'oh-nee-vah'.
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What is 'Regarde Christophe et va-t'en rassuré' when translated from French to English?

" Look at Christopher and go away reassured " is anEnglish equivalent of the French phrase Regarde Christophe etva-t'en rassuré . Specifically, the present imperative regarde is "(informalsingular you) gaze, look at, regard." The masculine proper noun Christophe means "Christopher" in general (MORE)

What is the VA?

The VA normally refers to the Veterans' Administration, a branch of the Federal Government that looks after the benefits and services for Veterans of the US Armed Forces..

Y como te va?

The meaning of the Spanish phrase 'y como te va' can be translatedas 'how is it going with you.' It has the same meaning as if aperson were to ask you 'como estas', which means 'how are you'.

Words in French that start with y?

Not many words begin with Y in French. Here are a few common ones that I can think of: yaourt yeux y youpi yak There probably aren't that many more unless you start getting into more obscure words.

What is the English translation of the French phrase 'Tout s'en va tout passe l'eau coule et le coeur oublie'?

" Everyone moves on, everything passes by, water flows, and the heart forgets " is an English equivalent of the French phrase Tout s'en va, tout passe, l'eau coule, et le coeur oublie . Specifically, the masculine pronoun tout is "everybody, everyone, everything". The reflexive pronoun se * (MORE)

What is the meaning of ça va in French?

As a question, i.e. "Ça va?", it means "How are you?" As an answer, i.e. "Ça va!", it means "I'm OK" or "Fine, thanks". You can also say "Ça va bien, merci" which means "I'm very good, thanks". Or "Ça va mal" which means "Not very good".

Which French adjectives begin with the letter Y?

there are practically none... yougoslave is one, I suppose (meaning Yugoslavian). Exhaustive list : . Yankee Yiddish (The same in English) Youppin (racist word for the Jewish people, not a nice word at all) Yéménite (From Yemen) Yougoslave Yttrifère (made up with Yttrium) (MORE)

What does the french phrase Comma Sa Va mean?

"comment ça va ?" = how d'you do? (prononced coma sava) "s'il te plait". = please (pronounced sill ta play) "Oui" - Yes . (pronounced wii) "comment tu t'appelle?" = whats your name? (pronounced coma tu tapell ) " je m'appelle -insert name here- " = my name is -insert name here-(pronounced ja ma p (MORE)

Translate comment sa va in french?

Comment sa va is already in french. And it means 'how are you' in English. . and actually it's spelt comment ça va . and if someone say "ça va ?" then it means 'how's everything'

What does the French question 'Ca va' mean?

The question 'ça va?' is a shortened form of 'Cela va?' Either way, the question means How are things ? How's it going ? Both questions particularly are asked of family and friends. And the same may be said even more so of 'ça va?' ça va means 'how are you?' or 'I'm fine' in French. Depen (MORE)

What is a detailed reply to bonjour ca va in French?

"Bonjour, ça va ?" is often replied with: "- trés bien, merci, et vous ?" (very well, thanks, how about you?) "- comme ci, comme ça" (so and so) "- j'ai été malade mais je vais beaucoup mieux" (I was sick but I'mgoing better)

How do you use y in french?

\ny is most often used to replace "there" (constructions with the preposition à + place).\nSuch as:\nL'école n'est pas loin. J'y arriverai en dix minutes. \nThe school isn't far. I will arrive there in 10 minutes.\n. \nI've attached a link with a more comprehensive explanation, although knowi (MORE)

When do i use y or en in french?

Y - Replaces a phrase beginning with a or a preposition of place Je vais au parc. I'm going to the parc J'y vais - I'm going there. En - Some, any, of it - Replaces a phrase that begins with a form of de(de, de la, du, des) Nous achetons des bananas - We're buying some bananas. Nous en achet (MORE)

What are the answers 4 the quiton ca va n french?

Ca Va means how are you doing in french, you can answer (i wrote these like there spelled): . Pa Mal, meaning you not bad . Com se com sa, meaning so, so . bein, meaning your good . tres bein, meaning your very good . those are the most common ways to respond, and usually people say merci (than (MORE)

Dos andares el dinero despacio y se va ligero?

Dos andares tiene el dinero; viene despacio y se va ligero. Money has two paces; it comes slowly and it's gone quickly. This is an example of the many Spanish 'refranes' that festoon Spanish conversation.

How do you pronounce y in french?

sort of like ee-grex as far as i remember just go on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_alphabet it has the pronunctiation there

What are the answers to the French 'Ca va' in English?

Ca va bien is one answer to 'Ca va'. It means 'Things are going well' , and is pronounced 'sah vah byehn'. The demonstrative 'ca' means 'that, it'. The verb 'va' means '[he/she/it] does go, goes, is going'. The adverb 'bien' means 'well'. Ca va mal is another answer. It means 'Things are (MORE)

What does y mean in french?

It's a pronoun that can replace a place in a sentence: Are you going to Paris ? Yes, I'm going there ! Vas-tu à Paris ? Oui, j'y vais It can also replace a complement of a verb introduce by à and describing a thing (not a person) Are you thinking about his victory ? Yes, It'm thin (MORE)

What does comment ca va mean in French?

'comment ça va' is a common form for 'how are you' or 'how do you do' in French. It is widely used and regarded as rather informal but appropriate to most situations.

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What is 'Ça va être tout noir' when translated from French to English?

It literally means "It's going to be all black/dark". In the film RRRrrrr, every day when the sun goes down, one of the cavemen shouts across all the camp : "Ça va être tout noir !" (It's going to be dark !). The other cavemen always answer "Ta gueule !" (Shut up !). This quote has become (MORE)

What is 'Va encore' when translated from French to English?

"Go again!" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase Va encore! The pronunciation of the present imperative in the second person informal singular will be "va kore" in northerly French and "va aw-kor" in southerly French.

What is 'On y va pour apprendre' when translated from French to English?

"We go there to learn" is an English equivalent of the French phrase On y va pour apprendre . The pronunciation of the declarative statement in the third person impersonal singular -- which translates literally as "One goes there in order to learn" -- will be "o-nee va poo-ra-prawnd" in northerly F (MORE)

What does On y va pour prendre un train mean in French?

"On y va" literally means "One goes there", but usually is inferredto mean "Let's go". The normal understanding would be: "Let's go to take a train."However, it literally means "One goes there to take a train."(Which may make perfect sense in context.)

What are the French words starting with the letter y?

"Y" is not a common French letter, most of these words have a foreign origin: yack yang yard yacht yacht-club yankee yaourt yaourtière yatagan yearling yéménite yen yeuse yeux yéti yé-yé yèble yiddish yin ylang-ylang yoga yogi yogho (MORE)

How do you answer comment ca va in french?

Comment ca va? means How are you? . If you are feeling good, you would answer with Ca va bien . If you are feeling bad, you would answer with Ca va mal . If you are feeling in-between, you would answer with Comme ci comme ça .

How do answer comment va la vie in french?

If you mean as a general question..... ca va bien [sah vah bee-en] if it is good ca va mal [sah vah mal] if it is not good If you mean as in a cultural study, the answer would take too long to write here. : )

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The cast of Vas-y maman - 1978 includes: Papinou Jacqueline Adry Anne Alexandre Laurence Badie as Lucie Frank Baugin Jacques Bouanich Myriam Boyer as Alice Claude Brovelli Nicole Calfan as Karin Robert Castel as Le plombier Jacques Chailleux Richard Constantini as Julien Georges de Caunes Fabienne D (MORE)

What is the answer to the French question 'Comment vas-tu'?

Je vais bien ("I'm doing fine") and Je ne vais pas bien ("I'm doing not well") are just two possible answers to the French question Comment vas-tu? * The respective pronunciations will be "zhuh veh bya" and "zhuhn veh pa bya" in regard to the answers and "kuh-maw veh-tyoo" in terms of the quest (MORE)