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What kind of matter is wood?

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Wood is obtained from trees known as exogens. They grow larger by addiing a new layer each year under the outer surface of bark. The centre of the tree is known as the pith and the wood near the pith termed heart wood and is hard and close grained The sap wood is made up of he outer layers and are soft and generally have a more open grain.
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What kind of wood is best for wood stoves?

  You need to burn a variety of hardwoods. You need a combination of fast burning hardwoods, such as Maple and Birch, along with slower, hotter burning woods such as Oak a

Is wood matter?

the short answer... everything is made of matter. in the long run, yes, wood is made of matter

What state of matter is wood?

wood is a solid because the molecules are tightly put together unlike gas which the places of the molecules are random and liquids which have some order but are still pretty r

What state of matter is wood and fire?

Wood is a solid as the molecules that make it up are tightly packed, even though there are gaps. It is neither a liquid nor a gas as it does not flow and can be held and depen

How do you plank fish - does it matter what wood you use?

You can plank fish in the oven or, more usually, on the grill using untreated natural wood. Some wood works better than others for different types of wood - I regularly plank

What kinds of woods can be made out of soft wood?

Do you mean what can soft wood be used for. Here are some uses. Roof trusses/ floor joist/ ceiling joist/ stud partitions/ timber flooring/ wall strapping/ linning board
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What is matter and what are kinds of matter?

matter is anything that takes up space and kinds of matter are tables, apples, water, steam, etc., but imaginary things arent matter like thoughts or dreams neither is heat or
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What kind of wood is epil wood?

Epil is Ipil. They pronounce it in the Philippines like epil, but the writing is ipil. See Wikipedia: Intsia bijuga is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae,