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What kind of matter is wood?

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Wood is obtained from trees known as exogens. They grow larger by addiing a new layer each year under the outer surface of bark. The centre of the tree is known as the pith and the wood near the pith termed heart wood and is hard and close grained The sap wood is made up of he outer layers and are soft and generally have a more open grain.
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What state of matter is wood?

wood is a solid because the molecules are tightly put together unlike gas which the places of the molecules are random and liquids which have some order but are still pretty r

What kind of change is burning wood?

Burning wood is a chemical change, because it requires oxygen to complete the reaction and you are left with separate chemicals when you are finished.

What kind of resource is wood?

Wood is a resource that is renewable essentially in perpetuity. In NZ, Pinus radiata (a.k.a. Monterey Pine), in managed plantations reaches harvestable size of 4 - 500 mm db

What kind of wood sinks in water?

In their 2009 paper "Towards a worldwide wood economics spectrum"   published in Ecology Letters 12(4), J. Chave, D.A. Coomes, S.  Jansen,   S.L. Lewis, N.G. Swenson,

What kind of wood kills vampires?

No type of wood kills vampires. It is a popular misconception that a wooden stake (usually oak) through the heart kills vampires. This is not true. The purpose of the stake is

What kind of wood is good for a fireplace?

  Answer   Almost any dry wood is fine. Birch has a nice aroma and provides good heat. If you want a longer lasting fire, larger unsplit logs of almost fresh spruce

What kind of noun is the noun woods?

The noun woods is a common, concrete noun; as a singular noun, a word for a group of trees; as a plural noun a word for more than one woodwind musical instrument. The noun w

What kind of tree has the hardest wood?

The heaviest and the hardest wood in the world is Snakewood (Piratinera guianensis). There are also many other candidats to be the hardest wood: ironwood, huacapu and some t

What kind of wood is a cello made out of?

A traditional cello has a spruce top, with maple for the back, sides, and neck. Other woods, such as poplar or willow, are sometimes used for the back and sides. Less expensiv

What kind of wood is a didgeridoo made out of?

Genuine didgeridoos are always made of wood, usually the smaller trunks of living, young eucalyptus trees. The species of eucalyptus did not matter - there is no truth in the