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What language are the Crow Indians speaking in Jeremiah Johnson is it really the language of the Crow Nation or is it from a different tribe?

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The language spoken is certainly Crow, but it is obviously being used by people who have only learned the phrases from an instructor, not native speakers. The war chief "Paints His Shirt Red" does not sound like a Crow, even though he speaks Crow words - the accent and pronunciation is all wrong. The character was played by Joaquin Martinez, a Mexican actor (why, when there must be many genuine Crow actors?).

On the other hand the "Flatheads" (really Interior Salish) are genuine and proficient Salish speakers, although the "wedding song" they perform is really a funeral song since they did not have "wedding songs" in their culture.

Despite its many faults the film is a fairly good representation of life in the mountains at the time; one glaring error is the completely inaccurate "Crow arrow" shot at Johnson early on by Paints His Shirt Red, which is nothing at all like any genuine Crow arrow.
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