What languages are spoken in Italy and Spain?

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For the languages of Italy, click here.
For the languages of Spain, click here.
In Italy they speak Italian. In Spain they speak Spanish.
no they dont italy speaks italitian and spain speaks spanish
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What languages are spoken in Italy?

Almost all Italian natives are bilingual in that they speak verywell both their local dialect and standard Italian. Nowadays thereare fewer and fewer illiterates who do not sp

What languages are spoken in Rome Italy?

Italian is the official language of Italy, so it is the mainlanguage of Rome, although some Latin is used in the Vatican Citywithin Rome during Roman Catholic liturgy. Rome

What languages are spoken in Naples Italy?

In naples they speak Italian though quite a lot of people there arebilingual, they also speak some English. In Naples they speak southern Italian and central Italian. Itdepen

What languages are spoken in Umbria Italy?

You may hear different dialects depending on the city, some are akin to the Tuscan language. If you asked this question because you are worried about having to know the local
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What languages are spoken in Valencia Spain?

Spanish Spanish (Castillian) is the main language, but some also speak Valencian, which is essentially a dialect of Catalan. Spanish.