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Italian is the official language of Italy, so it is the main language of Rome, although some Latin is used in the Vatican City within Rome during Roman Catholic liturgy.

Rome is the capital of Italy, therefore the official language there is Italian (and Latin the official language of the Vatican City, which is inside of Rome).
The Ancient Romans spoke Latin.
Italian and English
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What languages are spoken in Italy?

Almost all Italian natives are bilingual in that they speak verywell both their local dialect and standard Italian. Nowadays thereare fewer and fewer illiterates who do not sp

What language is spoken in Rome?

Italian is by far the main language of Rome. There are also manypeople there who speak English, French, and other languages for theease of international tourists. In Vatican C

What languages were spoken in ancient Rome?

Latin was the language ancient Rome, but Greek was used bythe upper classes who admired Greek culture. Greek was also thefirst language of the Greek cities in southern Italy

Is English spoken in Rome Italy?

The official language is Italian, however due to the large number of English speaking tourists many people can also speak English to varying degrees. Yes! People who live in R

What languages are spoken in Naples Italy?

In naples they speak Italian though quite a lot of people there arebilingual, they also speak some English. In Naples they speak southern Italian and central Italian. Itdepen
In Italy

Is Italian spoken in Rome Italy?

yes Romans speak Italian, native Romans usually will speak with a Roman accent, the same is true for other Italian cities or regions. Just as Folks in the southern US, New Eng