What makes ART art?

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Creative expression.
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What is arts?

arts is where mr. Gilmore comes and puts his finger on paper that's art. by: doran sorrell

Art is ....?

Art for me is any type or form of expression. Drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, poetry, music. Anything that you can do to express yourself or protray a meaning. Hope

Who is Art?

Art is the founder of Gaming Isle alongside King Shaun, his real life name is Art Williams.

Why do you make art?

art is usually made to express inner feelings...its not much at this current moment. i know there is more to that..

What makes a piece of art Art?

Art is when you put what you feel on a canvas or just a peice of paper its something that describes you and who you are and its true, you dont have to like it

What about arts?

lots there are also different types of arts the singing art and the panting art physicle art the list goes on my friend.i enjoy drawing sketching shading i do alot of graphit

Why do you have art and why?

Reasons vary: you may have works of art for your personalenjoyment, as decoration or as a form of investment, as some ofthem are most valuable and their value is likely to inc

What makes art true art?

It is something creative made with care, if you are talking general. Like a five year old finger painting that is creative and they think it was made carefully is true art to

What can you do if you get arts?

Hello, If you want to know about the scope of arts in career then by choosing arts, you can be a fashion designer, jewelry designer, animator, teacher or you can try your care

What makes the art Gothic art?

Gothic art was started around 1140CE in the french province known as L'Ile-de-France (Paris and vicinity) and grew to influence the rest of norther Europe. The most influentia