What man portable surface to air missile is an improved version of the SA-18?

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9K38 Igla, SA-16 Gimlet
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Can you make a window air conditioner portable?

The previous answer was "Yes It is totally portable. You will need a portable extension cord also or a portable AC generator." It is self-evident that it is portable in the sense that you can uninstall it from one place and reinstall it elsewhere. However, the normal use of the word "portable" when (MORE)

Do portable air conditioners have to be vented?

Yes. There is a coil that goes to the inside to cool. The other end will have a coil that puts out the heat to the outside through a vent. Without the vent, the heat will simply be released back into the room.

What is a surface to air missile?

A missile fired from the surface (ie the ground) intended to hit a target in the air (ie a plane) . A missle fired on the ground that seeks out an airborne target.

Do portable air conditioners work?

Yes, they can work very well but you have to be aware of how to position them for best cooling effect: you can't just stand a portable air conditioning unit in the middle of the room, as if it was a room heater. Always place the portable AC unit next to a window opening (or similar) so that all ( (MORE)

Can you lay portable air conditioners on its side?

While it's not the best method, portable air conditioners can be stored on their side, as long as they are allowed to sit upright for 12 hours before operating them. The can not be operated on their sides, though.

Does a portable cooling fan cool the air?

If it is just a fan, it will not cool it, it will simply blow the air around. To cool the air, you need a portable air conditioner. This will suck air in, cool it down, vent the hot air out (usually through the window, but can also be vented out through the roof or into a different room) and put the (MORE)

How does the heat work in a portable air conditioner?

Some portable air conditioners use heat pump technology, which works like the cooling process but in reverse. Others have a built in electric heater that they use to heat the air. It depends on the specific manufacturer and model. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The heat pump units p (MORE)

How can air be improved?

Air, relating to the oxygen around us can be improved in a variety of ways. Driving around your car less, and opting to ride a bike lessens air pollution. Driving a hybrid car also helps. Helping to plant extra trees helps clean out the extra carbon monoxide in the air, and restricting factories.

Acronym for surface to air missiles?

They are typically referred to as SAMs. The Nike was the first one developed in the US. It was designed to shoot down ICBMs being fired at US targets..

What is the meaning of portable version?

Portable version ;. Another type of that same appliance, but able to be moved around.. Example; . A static phone plugged into a land-line is NOT portable.. A mobile phone ran on battery power IS portable.. This does not necessarily have to be an electric object, a phone was the first thing (MORE)

How many hoses does a portable air conditioner have?

Portable Air Conditioners can come with one hose or two hoses. A two hose(Dual Hose) unit is a little more costly, but more efficient than a single hose. Please see our webpage for more info: http://www.bestportableairconditionerratings.com/what-to-look-for-when-buying-a-portable-air-conditioner/

How do portable air conditioners work?

A portable air conditioner works essentially the same way as central air conditioning or window units. There are essentially 3 parts to an air-conditioning system: the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. The compressor and condenser are typically located outdoors. The condenser is a large (MORE)

How do you install a portable air conditioner?

Luckily, installing a portable air conditioner is easy. The first thing you want to do is unpack the unit. I recommend reviewing the installation instructions before getting started in case there are any unusual issues with the model you are installing. Next, I like to install the window kit. Take t (MORE)

Can i get a hoseless portable air conditioners?

Yes, and no.. There are units that will blow cool air in a specific direction, but they also vent hot air out the back of the unit, which means that they are not OK for enclosed spaces. They may be fine for a workstation in a warehouse, so something like that, but in general they are not suitable (MORE)

What is the difference between a Surface to Air Missile and a Theater Ballistic Missile?

SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles) which gained notoriety during the Vietnam War (shooting down B-52 bombers/and fighter bombers) are for air defense and are part of the air defense system; as were deployed by North Vietnam during the war. ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles=Nuclear Warheads/At (MORE)

Who improved road surface?

I could be wrong, but I'm almost certain that John McAdam. Either that or someone named John Lennon. I get my names mixed up sometimes.

Is there a portable version of Wine?

No. As a general rule, there are no "portable apps" for Linux. Firstly because it is a potential security risk to allow untrusted binaries to be run on a system, thus a competent system administrator will not allow a public Linux computer to run binaries outside a trusted /bin or /usr/bin directory. (MORE)

How many aircraft shot down by surface to air missiles in Vietnam?

Approximately 190 US jets were shot down by N. Viet SAMs during the war. 110 USAF & 80 USN and/or USMC. 194 SAMs were fired in 1965, shooting down 11 jets 1,966 SAMs fired in 1966, downing 31 jets 3,202 SAMs fired in 1967, 96 US jets brought down 1968, the end of ROLLING THUNDER; 322 SAMs launched (MORE)

Mechanism of explosion in sidewinder air missile?

The AIM 9 Sidewinder has been in use for a number of years, and has been through several model changes that include different fusing systems. While MOST of that information is classified, we can say that some of the missles have an infrared target detection system that will detonate the warhead at a (MORE)

Can a portable air conditioner be vented in a fireplace?

Not a good idea. You will be putting a lot of humidity in your chimney flue, and it was not meant for that. Water vapor will condense on the clay liner tile. You are likely to degrade the liner, and have a moisture (mold) problem in the house.

What are the trajectories of Surface-to-Surface Missile?

The parabolic arc of a SSM is determined by both the launch and target site coordinates and the flight characteristics of the particular missile. Imagine throwing a baseball and then a frisbee to hit the same target - each will fly differently to accomplish the same goal.

How does a surface-to-air missile differ from an air-to-air missile?

Surface to air is shot from the ground into the air at the target. Air to air is fired from another aircraft. Actually there is very little difference. just where the missile is fired from. Of course, there can be many more surface-to-air missiles (SAM) than air-to-air (AAM) because an enemy aircraf (MORE)

Can a surface to air missile lock on and destroy a tank?

It MIGHT be able to lock onto a tank, but it wouldn't destroy one. AA missiles are designed to fragment (much like a hand grenade), which sends shrapnel into very thin-skinned aircraft. This would be incapable of penetrating a tank, which has very thick armour, and requires a different type of warhe (MORE)

What is an air-to-air missile?

In air Combat, when an aircraft fires a missile at another aircraft, it is known as an Air to Air missile. The Sparrows and Sidewinders were air to air missiles

What is the name of air to air missile?

In Vietnam the US used Sparrows & Sidewinder air to air missiles. But ultimately the gun (20mm) proved to be a most commonly used weapon; by far by the NVAF MiG 17 & 19s.

Is trishul is a surface to air missile?

Trishul is a surface to air missile . Trishul has a range of 9 km and is designed to counter a low level attack with a very quick reaction time. It is all all-weather surface-to-air-missile.

Do you have to vent a portable air conditioner when it heats?

According to portable air conditioning suppliers, Mobile Air, all air conditioners have to be vented. But, there are different ways to "vent" the heat. The first way to vent is using water-cooled air conditioners. This type of unit uses water to cool the heat generated and requires a water source (MORE)

Are missiles air weapons?

Missles can be launched from aircraft, ships or land. They are referred to as air to air and surface to air missles.

How big are portable air conditioners?

Portable air conditioners come in various sizes. Though being portable means they are small enough to be conveniently moved around. The most common size are the ones that fit in your window.

Is a portable air conditioner expensive?

Portable air conditioners are not expensive to buy, but they are more expensive to run than a whole house air conditioner. However, if your house does not have central air, a portable air conditioner is a good alternative.

Where does one find a portable air conditioner?

Portable Air Condition Units are avaible at WalMart, Lowes, Home Deopot, and Best Buy, and probably anywhere else that sells heating and cooling products. Prices range from 200 dollars on up.

Is a pspgo a portable version of a ps3?

No the PS3 size can not be reduced to the size of a PSP Go or a PS Vita and the PSP, PSP Go, and PS Vita also have a screen and controls that must be included in the small device. The games on the portables are stripped down versions of PS3 games because they lack much of the hardware to run the oth (MORE)

What was it that man began developing missiles?

after World War II the Germans developed large rockets that sent the bombs to various enemy cities after the war the German rocket experts to continue their work in either the USA or the Soviet Union. it was all about THE DEVELOPMENT OF missile weapon missiles (a weapon that blasts off into a goal). (MORE)

Can long range surface to air missile replace a combat air patrol?

No. SAMs are generally only useful for shooting down aircraft, and suffer from problems of limited range (about 150 miles for the best of them), visibility to the enemy (SAMs require search and targeting radars, which reveal the SAMs' location), and vulnerability (SAMs cannot dodge or defend them (MORE)

Which is surface to air missile?

It's pretty cut and dry... it's a missile launched from the surface (which can either a land-based launcher or a ship-based launcher) and it's intended to seek airborne targets (such as aircraft, drones, or cruise missiles).

Where can one purchase a portable air purifier?

Portable air purifiers may be purchased from many different retailers. Amazon, eBay, Sears, Walmart and Home Depot are just a few of the many places these air purifiers may be purchased.

Where can one find a portable air conditioner?

You can find portable air conditioners in most large department stores across North America. Your best sources for air conditioners are Sears, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and LG Electrics. You may also wish to consult your local yellow pages for Heating and Air Conditioning retail (MORE)

How much is a portable air conditioner?

An average portable air conditioning unit is likely to cost your around the ´£200 mark. These tend to be the lower end products, and a unit can easily cost up to ´£500.