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What would happen to the rainforest if trees were cut down?

The rain forest helps reduce the level of CO2 in the air and increases the amount of O2. If the rain-forest were to be cut down the levels of CO2 would rise and after time Ear

How does cutting down trees effect people?

People can be annoyed by the sounds. Also, it damages the landscape and makes erosion happen faster. Plants produce oxygen as a waste product, but we need oxygen. If we cut do

How does the cutting down of trees affect rainforest animals and people?

It affects the animals because the rainforest animals lose their homes and people need trees because trees give oxygen.  The animals decrease rapidly because there is no she

How much do people get paid to cut down trees?

American lumberjacks are paid about $34,000/yr. By comparison framers can make up to $65,000/yr

Why do people cut down trees in the rainforest?

Trees in the rainforest are being cut to market the lumber and to clear the land. Those are the two primary reasons. This activity destroys the ecosystem; it transorms into so
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What do you call people who cut down trees?

Professionals who cut down trees are called loggers. These are the people who chop wood for timber. Other people include tree-trimming experts who trim the trees by cutting pa
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Why did people cut down koala's eucalyptus trees?

Koalas' habitat is constantly under threat from urban development and farming.