What nutrients are there in cabbage?

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- Vitamine A protects your skin and eyes

- Vitamine B boosts your energy metabolism and helps with concentration.

- Vitamine C - one cup shredded cabbage implies around 34 milligrams

- Vitamine E - a great source of vitamin E, making it good for the complexion.

- Potassium - Its high portion of potassium purifies your body and skin

- Selen helps body releasing second messengers for a good feeling

Cabbage contains important Vital Substances like Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine, Cink and Iron. In addition cabbage contains a great deal of insoluble fiber too.
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What are nutrients?

Substances that provides energy, form new body components, or assist in the metabolic processes of the body.

What is nutrients?

Nutrients are the things that mammals need in there body even fishneed it. When you eat healthy foods it goes in your body and keepsyou healthy.

What do nutrients do?

A healty thing. Nutrents are specific materials are capable ofdoing a specific chemisty or chemical reaction that no othercompound can do.

What is a cabbage?

A cabbage is a large vegetable. There are various types of cabbage. Cabbages are usually green but some varieties are cream, red or purplish. For more information, and photogr

What is nutrient?

A nutrient is a chemical that an organism needs to live and grow or a substance used in an organism's metabolism which must be taken in from its environment.

How do you can cabbage?

Canned cabbage is a very poor quality product. For this reason, we do not have any scientifically researched times for canning cabbage.
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Can you get all nutrients required for a healthy diet while on the cabbage soup diet recipe?

The cabbage soup diet alone will not provide all nutrients nessecary to mainain a healthy diet. You'll probably lose weight, at the out set, as cabbage is a low-glycemic food,
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Do Cabbage nutrients get lost if fried or cooked?

Cooking anything will make it lose some nutrients by denaturing proteins (good for browning) and breaking down vitamins and minerals. Boiling things, especially, can take away
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What is cabbage?

Cabbage is a green leafy vegetable..
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Where to get nutrients?

For animals - from their food. For plants - from the soil and air.
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What can nutrients do?

Nutrients help nourish the body.Without them, there wouldn't be any life.