What part of a plant holds it upright and moves it towards the sun?

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What part of the surface of the sun moves the fastest?

The Sun rotates faster at the equator. Not only in km/hour, but also in angular speed. From Wikipedia: "The period of this actual rotation is approximately 25.6 days at the eq (MORE)

Is the earth moving towards the sun?

In fact the Earth is moving away from the Sun - due to the Suns mass loss - at a mere 15cm per year. That means that in a hundred years, we will be almost 15 metres further a (MORE)
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If the earth rotates from the west to the east why do the sun and stars move the east towards to west?

Its all relative to your point of reference... The earth rotates from west to east about its axis, or counter-clockwise looking down from a point in space above the north pole (MORE)

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Which part of the plant holds it upright?

The root of a plant holds it upright. Other parts of plant such as- leaves, fruits vegetables etc. (except roots), are hold upright by the stem.
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What part of the plant holds and protects seeds?

The fruit of the plant holds and protects the seeds. The seed coat initially and later when the ovary ripens, the fruit protects the seed.
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If you hold a skunk upright can they spray you?

I believe if you are able to hold the skunk's hind legs off the ground, (by the tail, careful they can still bite) it will not be able to squeeze the gland holding the spray.
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Why do plants reach toward the sun?

Plants grow toward the sun because the side of the plant that is shaded grows faster. Very simple concept; think about this. A plant is under (let's say) a bench and light shi (MORE)

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