What part of a plant holds it upright and moves it towards the sun?

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What part of the plant holds and protects seeds?

The fruit of the plant holds and protects the seeds. The seed coat initially and later when the ovary ripens, the fruit protects the seed.
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Why do plants reach toward the sun?

Plants grow toward the sun because the side of the plant that is shaded grows faster. Very simple concept; think about this. A plant is under (let's say) a bench and light shi (MORE)

Why do you think our plants grew towards the sun explain?

Competitive pressure. To get the energy that the sun provides, plants need to be able to "see" it. If another plant grows on top of the first plant, it will block the energy a (MORE)

How does a bicycle stay upright when moving?

A combination of inertia and centrifugal force. The wheels, once rotating, create centrifugal force which in conjunction with gravity cause the bicycle to move forward creatin (MORE)