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What part of a plant holds it upright and moves it towards the sun?

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Why do plants reach toward the sun?

Plants grow toward the sun because the side of the plant that is shaded grows faster. Very simple concept; think about this. A plant is under (let's say) a bench and light shi

Is the earth moving towards the sun?

In fact the Earth is moving away from the Sun - due to the Suns mass loss - at a mere 15cm per year. That means that in a hundred years, we will be almost 15 metres further

How fast is the earth moving toward the sun?

The Earth isn't moving towards the Sun. The Earth's orbit around the Sun is slightly elliptical and not perfectly circular. So the distance between Earth and Sun does vary a b

Why do plants lean toward the sun?

  plants lean towards the sun to gain nutrients, that is an adaptation. They also use th sun photosynthesis   plants lean towards the sun for photosynthesis. When they