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What percentage of pet owners give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets?

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About 3% of pet owners will give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets.
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Is a pet an appropriate Valentine's Day gift?

First, be sure that the person you are giving the pet to wants one because they take lots of care and attention. Some pets need care for 10-20 years. There will also be vet

What gifts you might give on Valentine's Day?

Chocolates, flowers, a poem or something speicial like a huge stuffed animal saying I love you or a real animal like a puppy with a bow or a kitten.

Why do you give gifts on Valentine's Day?

In general, gifts on Valentines Day *now* are regarded as tokens of love and friendship. i have no idea how the tradition started, but I am sure a short google will bring fort

What are the unique gifts to give this Valentine's Day?

Create a personal quote desktop calendar that starts on any date asa gift. These are like the page-a-day, tear-off calendars howeveryou can add your own personal entry for eac

Can a pet give a cold to its owner?

Pet does not give cold to the owner, unless the pet is swine or chicken.

How do you make the valentine's day poo in pet society?

credit: pinkstarrystars Follow the regular tips. Feed it over 50 health... keep it dirty (5 flies is preferable). And click on your pet until it makes the wanna poo face (t
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How do you give a gift to a friend in pet party?

First, you go to someone's house and then you click the furniture icon at the bottom. Your furniture will show and then you drag want you want to give to them. :D