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What percentage of pet owners give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets?

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About 3% of pet owners will give Valentine's Day gifts to their pets.
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What kind of benefits do pets provide to their owners?

Pets, whether they be dogs, cats, horses, or hamsters, enrich the lives of their owners and the people around them. Pets provide people with companionship, often picking up on

Can you give a pet rat pretzels?

Most definitely. Rats like just about everything, and a pretzel is quite a good little chew toy for them. This should be a treat, however, as they tend to be quite salty and t

Can you give pet chickens a bath and how?

  Yes. It is best to use warm water. Use a very mild soap-like baby shampoo or cat shampoo. Wash them very gently with a fluffing motion of the feathers. The bird will not

How do you give away a pet mouse?

If its dead you can take it to a landfill. If its alive give it to a animal lover where you can still see it. If you still want it otherwise let it lose. I don't know if letti

Can i give lice to my pet rat?

I have had rats as pets for many years and have asked the question to many vets and the answer was the same from them all, NO. The lice that pet rats can get are different fro

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What are the most common Valentine's Day gifts?

The most common Valentine's Day gifts are: . Chocolates . Flowers . Jewelry . Cards . Teddy Bear . Stuffed animals . A date . A kiss . Also consider Valentine's Day G

Can the owner of the pet rabbit catch anything from it?

Yes you can catch ringworm from a rabbit infected with ringworm, particularly if you pick them up and they scratch you. You need to treat yourself with Canestan from the chemi

Why do you give roses on Valentine's Day?

You give roses because red is a romantic colour and flowers are a good gift any time. red is also an awesume colour too #rowr hahahaahhhahahaha suckers

How do you gift your pet on Movie Star Planet?

buy the egg and gift it to a friend make sure u did not put it in ur room wen u buy it and u have to be at levle 3 to gift

What are creative Valentine's Day gift ideas?

White chocolate covered strawberries. They're unexpected, but delicious! You can make the Valentine gift like valentine envelopes, valentine candles, pencil mice heart valenti

Why do you give gifts on Valentine's Day?

In general, gifts on Valentines Day *now* are regarded as tokens of love and friendship. i have no idea how the tradition started, but I am sure a short google will bring fort

What is a good gift to give a boy on Valentine's Day?

    Answer     Try the new ShareBuds MX twin stereo earphones at http://www.sharebuds.com   This past weekend, I had the opportunity to buy one online at h

What do you give a guy for Valentine's Day?

ok... i think that you should give the guy something that  reminds him of you.like maybe a song you write for him. or a book  that you know he loves. or even a picture of hi