What prevents population from continuously growing exponentially?

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Lack of food or agriculture. Aside from that it should continue to grow.
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High pH levels that constantly have to be lowered with acid in a salt system pool and wondering why my calcium levels continue to grow exponentially?

Answer . What is the current Ph? Current alkalinity? How much acid are you adding at one time? How many gallons of water in pool? What type of acid ~ muratic or other? These and more questions need to be addressed for a more intelligent answer. But my guess is that you are not adding enough acid (MORE)

How long do breasts continue to grow for?

If in puberty, they grow for about 3-6 years :) average age to start breast development is 11, and it can continue until you are about 17,18 or 19 if you are a bit of a slow grower lol but it is totally normal! If you are fast then you may be done at about 14/15 or even 12!! :)

Why do cut tulips continue to grow?

Cut tulips continue to grow because of phototropism. When cut andplaced in a vase, the tulips bend towards the light, and so theyelongate.

Why does the brain continue to grow after birth?

To facilitate the movement of the baby out of the birth canal. All of the neurons have formed, but that are few neuroglia cells and the brain tissue is unmyelinated. This decreases the size of the head so it can travel through the birth canal. After that it increases in mass through the addition of (MORE)

What will happen if the population continues to grow?

Well, if there are more people in the future, there will be less . Food, . Water, . Jobs, . Space, . Air, . Animals, . Money, . Houses. But how will we survive without this stuff. Answer: We won't. Especially the poorer countries like Zimbabwe that are already struggling

What is exponential growth of a population?

This can be stated in different equivalent ways, for example: . You can express the growth (the size of the population as a function of time) as a mathematical function Ae Bt , for some constants A and B (t is the time). . The population doubles every so-and-so-many years (or minutes, for microbes (MORE)

How do you prevent population?

I think It would be fair on the countries if people only breed once every three to four years, and only have one kid. (only until the population is stable).

Describe the exponential growth curve of a population?

Exponential growth (including exponential decay) occurs when the growth rate of a mathematical function is proportional to the function's current value. In the case of a discrete domain of definition with equal intervals it is also called geometric growth or geometric decay (the function values form (MORE)

What happens to a population when it experiences exponential growth?

It grows faster as it gets larger, but it can't go on for ever. Crime increases (both in $ and as a %), and social measures do not keep pace with growth. The people at the bottom of the economic ladder suffer disproportionately (both in $ and as a %), compared with the people at the top. The only p (MORE)

The exponential model of population growth applies?

The exponential model of population growth describes the idea thatpopulation growth expands rapidly rather than in a linear fashion,such as human reproduction. Cellular reproduction fits theexponential model of population growth.

Do elephants grow exponentially?

No, they slowly grow from a birth weight of about 200 to 250 pounds(90-115 kg) to around . At maturity (about 8 to 13 years) they canweigh around 7700 pounds (3500 kg). Individuals have been known toweigh as much as 26,000 pounds (12000 kg) by their twenties. Asian elephants are smaller, and the Su (MORE)

What mammals has continuously growing teeth?

Rodents and lagomorphs both have continuously growing incisors. Lagomorphs and herbivorous rodents also have continuously growing molars. The tusks of many mammals, such as elephants, wild boars, and walruses, also grow continuously.

What is the effect of exponential growth on population?

In exponential growth, the number of individuals in a population grows rapidly. With more individuals comes an increased demand for resources, food, competition, etc. There is never an unlimited amount of such resources, so a population growing exponentially is eventually limited by the amount the p (MORE)

What concerns arise from an exponentially growing population?

If the population grows exponentially and members in the population expect to maintain their current standard of living then either resources (or their utilisation) will need to grow exponentially. Many resources (land, fresh water, minerals, etc) are finite and, although new sources may be found (MORE)

What conditions will cause a population to have exponential growth?

Exponential growth takes place in Bacteria under ideal conditions. It means a rapid increase in population but actually it is doubling of population in a short time.Under ideal condition generation time of bacteria is just 20 minutes i.e. just after 20 minutes no. of Bacteria is doubled. Init (MORE)

When does the exponential growth of a population stop?

When the food source is depleted, a new predator is introduced, or balance is attained. The earth tends to find balance for the most part. As far as an "intelligent" species such as humans goes, probably never. or When the organisms compete

How do you know that your bones continue to grow?

Easy. If you continue to grow in the body, arms, legs or places like that then your bones, in that specific place are growing at that time. Once you stop growing in the places you should be, your bones have reached their potential. (Although you can't see it, you grow a bit every day)!

Why did Alexander's empire not continue to grow?

It is one thing to conquer and empire but another thing to sustainone. Alexander's empire stopped expanding because when, after a lot ofhardships, his army reached the western edges of India, the menrefused to continue eastwards. They were tired of conquest andwanted to get home. They returned to (MORE)

Does hair continue growing when die?

No, it does not. Hair itself is not alive in any case. The hair follicle, in the skin, is living tissue but that's the only part or hair that is. After death, however, the body dehydrates fairly quickly, and this dehydration causes the skin to shrink and tighten. This may create the illusion o (MORE)

What happens when something grows exponentially?

In a given period of time it will double in size/number. Like in the film gremlins. If they increase every minute and you start with 1 gremlin, then after a minute you would have 2, then 4, then 8 etc.

What happened as the South continued to grow?

As the south continued to grow, it became more prosperous and moreand more regions jumped at the chance to use slaves as a cheap formof labor. While slavery was steadily declining in the northernstates, it was growing at a frightening rate in the south.

Why can't natural populations keep growing exponentially?

Resources, such as food would need to keep up with the popu;ation growth. Also, predators that feed off the population would find their food supply increasing and would grow in numbers and that would provide a negative feedback.

Why don't populations continue to grow exponentially?

Because of Limiting Factors (environmental factors that prevent a population from increasing). Biotic Limiting Factors = Living organisms; Abiotic Limiting Factors = Nonliving organisms. Other factors include: death rate, birth rate, Carrying Capacity, Predation

Why has the worlds population continued to grow in the last few years?

Because every year there is better and better technology which allows scientists to make better medicine and cures for diseases. This allows more people to live longer and longer. Also because the farmers are using technology to grow more food and faster, so that there are not many starving people w (MORE)

Can a man continue growing after puberty?

Yes, most males grow a lot until the age of 18. But even after that, you may continue to grow until you are 21 years old. You do most of your growing during Puberty and maybe a little after. If you finish puberty at 18 you may grow a little bit more in the next year or two, but not a significant a (MORE)

What had caused the population of north America to continue to grow?

In Mexico and Central America, the population grows due to a large birth rate. In the Caribbean, population grows from immigration (many slaves were brought from Africa and Europeans also settled here) as well as birth rate. And in Canada and the US, population has grown mainly due to immigration (m (MORE)

Can money grow exponentially forever?

Just as money can increase exponentially, it can also decrease exponentially! The USA had a small Depression in the 1880s, and the Great Depression in the 1920s. So while money can grow wildly, it can also wither and dry up.

Can countries such as the US continue to grow?

It is possible for countries such as the US to continue to increase in population and/or in Gross Domestic Product; they can also grow in a geographic sense by annexing other countries (no nation in the western hemisphere could defeat the US if it were to invade, for example). If we are to engage (MORE)

Why does Israel continue to grow in size?

Israel has grown in size twice since it declared independence in1948. The first time it grew was as a result of the armistices thatended the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9. The borders expanded from theUN Partition Plan to the places where the soldiers stood on the dayof the armistice. These have become (MORE)