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  • Any product containing acetone or methyl-ethyl-ketone (MEK) will remove nail polish. This can include many paint-thinning or removal products, including lacquer thinner. However, these products can rapidly dehydrate human skin, and are highly flammable.

    In addition, pure acetone has a flash point similar to gasoline (petrol) and vapours can be ignited by a nearby flame... it can also dissolve lots of common plastics....

  • Consumer nail polish remover is actually 60% acetone. But the remainder is moisturizers and water to reduce the impact on the skin, and to make it safer to use....

  • Polish can also be dissolved with more (wet) nail polish. It is recommended that this be done with clear nail polish, one finger at a time.

  • While DEET, the active ingredient in insect repellent, may also be effective, it is NOT recommended; it is also very damaging to many household plastics.

  • Another alternative is to use use peel-off nail polish instead.

  • You could also put tape on your nails, and after a few seconds, rip it off quickly.
  • Lastly, some toothpaste removes nail polish. Rub vigorously with a napkin.

    Also Acetone and alchol Do not peel the polish or your nails will turnbrittle also top of nail may peel off as well.
    If this is all too much trouble, nail-polish can be simply removed by first wetting the nails with water and then repolishing your nails while they are still wet with the same nail-polish.
    This may have to be done twice according to the strength of the nail-polish.
    Try using a wet wipe takes longer but it works.
    Also try using hairsray spray onto a cloth thing and wipe
    IMPORTANT:Never use body spray
    I've tryed ding it but it just makes the nail STING.

    These are the best ways to do this..
    Nail polish (preferably clear)
    Wet wipe(s)
    First you have to soak your nails is hot or warm water for 10 minutes,
    Then you just need to put the clear nail polish over your other nail polish and wipe if off with the wet wipe as quick as you can so it doesn't dry off. (Repeat as needed).


-Hand sanitizer will do the trick....it will go off in seconds
-sprat deodorant works too....just spray on to a spot on a cloth and wipe o ff hard
- tooth paste works but takes forever


Vinegar and Citric Fruits
Vinegar is a natural substance. Putting this acidic substance on polish will break it down and make it possible to wipe off. Simply put a small amount of vinegar in a bowl. Add citric fruit such as lemon, lime or an orange, and mix in with the vinegar. Put a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe on your fingernails. It may take a bit longer to remove the polish fully, since it will take a little while to break down. Also, you may have to gently scrape your nails to fully remove.

Insect repellent is sometimes recommended as an alternative nail polish remover. Because of the harsh chemicals found in insect repellent, this is not suggested.
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