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What rhymes with cry?

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Pry, dry, fry, bye, buy, why, lie.
Aye, by, die, eye, fie, fly, guy, high, hi, lye, my, nigh, pi, pie, ply, rye, sigh, sly, sty, tie, vie, why, dye, I.
spy, dye, pry, wry,

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2 syllables:
akai, alai, ally, altai, and i, apply, awry, bad guy, bandai, barkai, bee fly, belie, bely, bird's eye, black eye, black fly, black tai, black tie, blow fly, blue sky, bone dry, bonsai, bow tie, Brunei, bull's eye, but i, bye-bye, cat's eye, chiengmai, chubais, chugai, come by, comply, crane fly, crossed eye, cup tie, decry, defy, deny, do by, dongmei, drip-dry, drive-by, drop by, dry fly, Dubai, fall guy, fast dye, fish fry, flesh fly, fly by, fly high, french fry, french rye, fruit fly, george i, george vi, get by, glass eye, glide by, go by, goodbye, good-bye, good guy, hair dye, hand dye, hereby, hi-fi, horn fly, horse fly, if i, imai, imply, in my, isty, iwai, James i, July, kanai, kansai, lac dye, lahaie, lanai, let fly, life time, live by, louse fly, mcfly, meat pie, mihai, mince pie, mind's eye, mistry, Mumbai, murai, nankai, nearby, pass by, pop fly, pork pie, red-eye, red tai, rely, reply, retry, run by, run dry, salt i, sand fly, scrape by, screw eye, shanghai, shoo fly, sit by, slide by, slip by, small fry, squash pie, squeak by, squeeze by, standby, stand by, stick by, stink fly, stir fry, stone fly, string tie, sundai, supply, switaj, test fly, that i, thereby, third eye, tie dye, tokai, tongue tie, tough guy, untie, uy, vat dye, Versailles, wet fly, what i, whereby, whisk by, white tai, white tie, wild rye, wise guy, xuemei, zhuhai, zip by

3 syllables:
abide by, alder fly, apple pie, bola tie, by and by, by the bye, captain bligh, central thai, clovis i, compound eye, c. p. i., dobson fly, double dye, dragon's eye, DUI, eau de vie, edward i, edward vi, evil eye, exist by, f. b. i., Frederick i, give the eye, harvest fly, Henry i, Henry vi, hessian fly, hook and eye, in reply, jai alai, Jewish rye, junior high, kidney pie, lantern fly, magic eye, m. c. i., misapply, m. r. i., northern spy, old school tie, on the sly, overfly, pecan pie, pizza pie, p. r. i., private eye, private-eye, public eye, pumpkin pie, rabi i, railroad tie, red bird's eye, resupply, rhubarb pie, Richard i, robber fly, Robert i, semidry, senior high, shepherd's pie, shoofly pie, simple eye, southern tai, spanish fly, streamer fly, t. c. i., travel by, tsetse fly, underlie, underly, weather eye, William bligh, windsor tie, world war i

4 syllables:
aniline dye, blink of an eye, blueberry pie, Boston cream pie, cspi, electric eye, fluorescent dye, fourth of July, give it a try, give the glad eye, Gregory i, in a pig's eye, Italian rye, mackerel sky, mithridates vi, money supply, oversupply, pineal eye, sacrifice fly, see eye to eye, turn a blind eye, vinegar fly, water supply

5 syllables:
Canada wild rye, demetrius i, divisible by, dominated by, dwi, elizabeth i, napoleon i, saint Gregory i, steak and kidney pie

6 syllables:
adl-tabatabai, indivisible by

8 syllables:
mediterranean fruit fly
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What rhymes with crying?

anything that ends with ing. It sounds even better if the first syllable has the hard "i" sound, like crying does. sighing lying hiding biding fighting flying

Words that rhyme with crying?

Part Answer . Lying. Dying. Crying. Spying. Frying. A few to get this started. best wishes

What is the rhyme to stop babies from crying?

Rock a bye baby, In the tree tops, when the wind blows , the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks the cradle will fall, and down will come baby cradle and all . I use thi