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The battleship Bismarck was rendered unsteerable due to a torpedo hit, then blasted repeatedly by battleship salvoes and by torpedoes on the morning of May 27, 1941.

Although the battleship was severely damaged and rendered incapable of battle, the ship was reportedly scuttled by her crew. The captain and first officer had been killed, as had Fleet commander Admiral Lutjens. Few of the senior officers survived. The pursuing British ships had mostly retired from the area due to the threat of U-boats or German aircraft flying from France.
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Who sank the Bismarck?

There is some doubt as to what sank the Bismarck. Some claim that a torpedo fired from the destroyer HMS Rodney delivered the fatal blow, while survivors of the sinking claim

What ship sank the Bismarck?

The German battleship Bismarck was sunk on May 27, 1941, by a combined British fleet which included battleships and destroyers. She was however, initially crippled by torpedoe

What was the German battleship that was sank in 1941?

According to Dr. Ballard's expedition to the sunken war vessel, the German sailors scuttled their own ship; the German's sunk the Bismarck! They scuttled it because they di

What British battleship was sunk when it faced the German battleship Bismarck?

HMS Hood. HMS Hood was a battlecruiser and was not intended to engage a battleship especially one such as Bismarck which was at that time the biggest battleship afloat along w

How many men died on the battleship Bismarck when it sank?

The German battleship Bismarck was sunk on May 27, 1941 by a British fleet off Brest, France. One account lists only 115 survivors and 1,995 killed of Bismarck's crew. It i

How many ships were sunk by the battleship Bismarck?

One. In the Battle of the Denmark Strait (May 24, 1941), the British battleship HMS Hood was hit at long range by a salvo from Bismarck, exploded, and sank, leaving only thre

Why is the battleship Bismarck famous?

For sinking the British flag ship HMS Hood in a lucky hit. She was also famous due to the fact she has been incorrectly called the biggest and most powerful battleship of all

What was the role of the Bismarck battleship?

Her function was to sink convoys, she was given great speed and powerful guns for this task. She wasn't made to fight other battleships hence her major weaknesses which became