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What should you do if you suspect the guy you've been seeing for years is cheating?

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You should confront him about it and make sure your assumption is true. If it is true then you may want to leave him since they usually say that "once a cheater is always a cheater." If you give him a second chance, he may just cheat on you again and then you end up by getting hurt even more.

AND IF HE IS tell him to suck ya mum cause she will take a young guy
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How jealous or trusting should you be if you suspect your spouse is cheating?

Its really hard to tell because you need solid evidence. Usually if it feels that way deep down in your gut, That's what it is. But you shouldn't act on in until you know for

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Should a woman confront her husband if she suspects he is cheating or wait until she has definitive evidence?

If you confront him, what do you think he will say? He isn't really going to admit it and get in trouble and probably end his marriage is he? Not very likely. You should get

Should you trust a guy if he dumped you then you went back out and he cheated on you and dumped you again now he says he loves you and cried when he said he was sorry and you've been together a month?

I am a guy. Look he doesnt like you.   I am a girl and it has happened to my friend before and almost happened to me...he wants to know someone cares about him and will do

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How do you know if you've been cheated on?

This will depend on you and what are the stories behind it. There's a few ways you can tell and sense if your spouse is been cheating on you. The cell phone can not be found

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If you really love someone you've been married to for 36 years would you continue to cheat on and lie to them?

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Should you tell your husband you've been cheating on him if you intend to end the affair?

Absoulutely, you may think he does not know, but trust me he does, even if he just thinks 'somethings not been right', he knows, if you suddenly now give him some attention ec

What should you do if you found out your husband has been cheating on you for 4 years and has a child with her?

  Answer   approach him and tell him you know, this isn't just a sex relationship, this is him clearly abusing your trust in him. Stand up, tell him you want him out

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What to do when you've cheated?

Also, take some responsibility. Step 4-5. Take her home to meet you  wife instead of keep lying to her telling her that your not. Strap  on some guts. She is probably more o