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What special skills or equipment are used in being a pet vet?

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You must have good:
self management skills, leadership skills, critical thinking skills, good communication skills, business skills, and relationship-building skills. You also need to be able to provide both pets and owners with the comfort they need while having an appointment with the clinic.
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What are good things about being a vet?

Here are some good things about being a vet: 1. You get to be around animals. 2. You can make lots of money. 4. You get to tell others who work at your clinic what to do. 5.

How do you get the Senior Vet Certificate in Imagine Pet Vet NDS?

i got it!! you have to do 10 of each animal you have like 10 cats 10 dogs 10 rabbits and 10 horses!! it worked for me alo you have to buy all the items for the hous and stuff

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How can being a vet influence your life?

Being a vet can inflence your life in a positive way. In the end of the day a person can gain the feeling of knowing they helped an animal that has a loving heart. It is a gre

What transferable skills do you need to be a vet?

You need to have some good observation skills for diagnosing the animals, you need to be good with communicating, you'd deffinantly need some dexterity, and you'd need to be g

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Why do pets need a vet?

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