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What special skills or equipment are used in being a pet vet?

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You must have good:
self management skills, leadership skills, critical thinking skills, good communication skills, business skills, and relationship-building skills. You also need to be able to provide both pets and owners with the comfort they need while having an appointment with the clinic.
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What is difficult about being a vet?

There are many difficult aspects; I will give just a few of them. First, while you will have a vast amount of technical and medical knowledge, you are limited in what treatm

Is the company obligated to keep the workers with no computer skills and train them to use equipment?

  Probably not. However, if the employees are experienced in the business, it would be cheaper and better for morale to train them to do the work than to replace them with

What are good things about being a vet?

Here are some good things about being a vet: 1. You get to be around animals. 2. You can make lots of money. 4. You get to tell others who work at your clinic what to do. 5.

How does being a vet relate to math?

Veterinarians (and doctors in general) use math to measure proper dosage (such as weight to time to dose ratio). Math scales are used to define whether something is in a norma

What are the perks of being a vet?

There are many benefits to being a veterinarian - respect, authority, the ability to help animals and people live happier and healthier lives, the challenge of solving puzzles

How can being a vet influence your life?

Being a vet can inflence your life in a positive way. In the end of the day a person can gain the feeling of knowing they helped an animal that has a loving heart. It is a gre

What transferable skills do you need to be a vet?

You need to have some good observation skills for diagnosing the animals, you need to be good with communicating, you'd deffinantly need some dexterity, and you'd need to be g

Is a being a vet a good job?

yes they get good pay actually, it's not just about the money, yeah they pay amazinly but if taking care of animals isn't your thing then don't do take a job like that.

What are duties and responsibilities of being a vet?

helping sick animals, not putting animals down, giving the animal medicine, giving the animal a diet or a need/ helping any animal in need of assistance
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What are the advantages of being a vet assistant?

There are several advantages. First, the on-the-job training can go a long way towards teaching you the basics to become a veterinary technician (the typical next-up-the-ladde