What time period did Jane Addams work at the hull house?

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Who was Jane Addams and what was Hull House?

Jane Addams established Hull House, a center for sociologicalresearch. She was a champion of the poor and disenfranchised and aleader in the Progressive Era. She won the Nobel

What did Jane Addams do at the hull house?

Jane Addams founded Hull House in 1889,with her friend, Ellen GatesStarr, in Chicago, Illinois. Hull House was a research center, andincluded facilities such as a night school

Why did Jane Addams start Hull House?

Laura Jane Addams built the Hull-House for the immigrants to getfood, water, a place to sleep and more. The Hull-House has awoman's club and a men's club.Ellen Starr also help

Why did Jane Addams make the Hull House?

She did not make or build the house. She did acquire it and have it adapted to settlement-house welfare needs. the House was up before she bought into it, so to speak. The set

What is the ethnic history of the Jane Addams Hull House...the Hull House Neighborhood?

The most important criticism is the failure to reference the symbiotic relationship that existed between Hull House and the residents of "The Hull House Neighborhood." Quotin
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What is Jane Addams book twenty years at Hull House about?

Twenty Years at Hull House is an autobiographical account of poverty and abuses of the Industrial Revolution in Chicago where Jane Addams co-founded the famous settlement hous