What two islands are separated by the Denmark Strait?

The Denmark Strait seperates Greenland and Iceland. Green Land and Ice land are islands.
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The Five Largest Islands in the World

An island is an area of land, smaller than a continent, that is completely surrounded by water. Islands are found in oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers, and come in all shapes an (MORE)
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Sakhalin Island

Sakhalin Island has a long and tumultuous history. Located between Russia and Japan, there has been much debate about which territory can claim this island. The largest settle (MORE)

Exploring the Islands of Washington State

Almost all of the islands of Washington State on the U.S. Pacific Northwest are clustered in Puget Sound or in the waters between the mainland and Vancouver Island, British Co (MORE)

Strait that separates Denmark and Sweden?

What strait separates Denmark from Sweden?ANSWER: The Kattegat Strait seperates Denmark and Sweden.It is referred to as Kattegat (in Danish) or Kattegatt (in Swedish). In Engl (MORE)
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The Bering Strait separates what two continents?

The Bering Strait separates Asia and North America.And guess what? If the world connects Asia and North America, all the continents will be united! You could drive to Californ (MORE)

A Look at the Texas Barrier Islands

The state of Texas boasts the world's largest barrier island, Padre Island. There are nine other barrier islands in Texas. These barrier islands are ecologically important, (MORE)
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Tourist's Guide to Visiting the Island of Sicily

The island of Sicily is located in the southern part of Italy. Sicily together with other smaller islands forms Regione Siciliana, an autonomous Italian region. It is separate (MORE)