What two islands are separated by the Denmark Strait?

What two islands are separated by the Denmark Strait?
The Denmark Strait seperates Greenland and Iceland. Green Land and Ice land are islands.
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Name two large islands in that stretch of Bass Strait?

  There are more than 50 islands in Bass Strait, but the two largest ones are King Island and Flinders Island. Flinders is part of a larger group of islands known as the F (MORE)

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Strait that separates Denmark and Sweden?

What strait separates Denmark from Sweden?ANSWER: The Kattegat Strait seperates Denmark and Sweden. It is referred to as Kattegat (in Danish) or Kattegatt (in Swedish). In Eng (MORE)
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The Bering Strait separates what two continents?

The Bering Strait separates Asia and North America. And guess what? If the world connects Asia and North America, all the continents will be united! You could drive to Califor (MORE)

What strait separates Denmark and Sweden?

It is referred to as Kattegat (in Danish) or Kattegatt (in Swedish). In English (by way of Dutch, from whence the name derives), it means "Cat's Throat."
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