What was the original purpose of youth groups?

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I think there young and they could tell others about Jesus and Christianity for this get older they can tell a even newer generation and so on until Jesus come back and takes his believers in him to heaven for eternity.
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What Was The Purpose Of The Hitler Youth?

The main purpose of the Hitler Youth was, as with much of Hitler's propaganda, to indoctrinate the German Youth with anti-Semitism and "pro-Hitlerism" (for lack of a better wo

How can you flirt with a guy and he is in your youth group?

Talk to him, smile and be friendly like you would to any normal person. If there is mutual attraction, it will take it´s course.. Flirting is just using normal social skil

What is a good youth group name?

That depends entirely on context and purpose. Usually the youth will respond best to being asked what they want as a group name.

How many people are in a youth group?

Youth groups vary in size from only a few to hundreds of young people depending on the church. It depends on what kind of youth group you have in mind. But usually group means

What were the names of the Hitler youth groups?

The four organisations were the German Young People (Deutsches Jungvolk), the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend), the League of Young Girls (Jungmadelbund) and the League of German
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What is the purpose of youth in church?

Young people have need of a saviour just as adults do. Things that we learn when we are young tend to stay with us our entire lives. On these principles it is wise to attend c