What weapons did homo sapiens sapiens use?

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homo sapiens is the scientific term (genus and species) for human beings. Human beings have used everything for weapons from pointy sticks and rocks to nuclear weapons. Could you be a bit more specific? If you are referring to cavemen, then spears, bow & arrows, and axes.
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What tools do Homo Sapiens use?

Homo Sapiens are people. So the tools they use range from wrenchesand hammers to cellphones and tablet computers.

What did homo sapiens use for clothing?

Homo sapiens is the scientific name for modern humans. The earliest humans probably used cured hides to make clothing, but no prehistoric clothing has been found to prove that
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What tools did the homo sapien sapiens used?

at the last period he invented iron which was based into 5000 years ago .To the question you know that this is the stage that we are in according to my archeological theory th