What were some good Catholic things that John F Kennedy did?

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he sends civil rights movements.after he died they made a law
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What were the negative things John F. Kennedy did?

Most Presidents make errors, fail to seek ample un-biased council, or are forced into a situation by circumstances beyond their control. For Kennedy, it began 53 days after hi

What things did John F. Kennedy do as President?

JFK was 1st U.S. Pres. to place Amer troops in Vietnam. They were limited in numbers and were called advisors. They trained S. Viet and mountain tribe troops to fight against

Was John F. Kennedy a good president to some people?

YES to some people but he was also bad to others. tHE president before JFk (i don't remember who...) had promised to assit cuba in their war. It was a war to overthrow cas

What was John F. Kennedys favorite thing to do?

When it comes to outside activities, he enjoyed sailing with his family and friends. As he said in 1962: "We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it

What good things did John F. Kennedy do for the US?

I am reading the Chris Mathews book on JFK now and he was an amazing fellow. He was a war hero. In WW2 he saved 10 men's lives that were on his PT boat, came home and served i

What bad things did John F. Kennedy do?

Number one, getting through the Cuban Missile crisis, (he stoped a possible third world war)then second, the nuclear test ban signing. Third, the Trade Act of 1962. Fourth, es

Odd things about John F. Kennedy?

There are many odd things about John F. Kennedy these are the things I'd list. - He suffered back problems most of his life. And Addison's Disease. - Joined the Navy in 1941