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What were some good Catholic things that John F Kennedy did?

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he sends civil rights movements.after he died they made a law
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Why was John F. Kennedy a good president?

Most historian rate him a good but not great president. You can refer to the detailed answer to the question at the following link: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Was_John_F._Kenn

What did John F. Kennedy do to be a good leader?

There are a number of things that John F. Kennedy did to be a good  leader. He worked hard to improve the relations which Latin America  in the midst of distrust and suspici

Was John F. Kennedy a good motivating speaker?

yes, he captured the audiences attention with an opening statement and had great information in the body. His endings to his speaches put the pow on his speech by adding an am

Why was John F. Kennedy a good leader?

JFK was a good leader because what he did about the Cuban Misssile crisis and how he was with the people of America. JFK was a really good leader with the civial rights people

What are some facts about John F. Kennedy?

He served in the US Navy in WW2 and was blown up while on duty on PT boat 109. He wrote a book about this. He was in the senate before running for President. He had 3 chil

What made John F. Kennedy a good Christian?

  Opinion   John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was a practising Catholic. He was acutely aware of the dangers of mixing religious and political

What were some things going on during the time John F. Kennedy was president?

Some events that went on while JFK was president were: The ill-fated Bay Pigs invasion of Cuba by Cuban expatrates with US support.State universities in MS and AL were forcib

What bad things did John F. Kennedy do?

Number one, getting through the Cuban Missile crisis, (he stoped a possible third world war)then second, the nuclear test ban signing. Third, the Trade Act of 1962. Fourth, es

Why is John F. Kennedy a good role model?

Quite the opposite JFK was a horrible role model, who had no mrals no ethics and used many, many women sexually. He used people for his own selfish disgusting motives. His job