What were the effects of the Civil War and its aftermath?

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The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were added to the Constitution.
  • 13th Amendment 1865: Slavery abolished
  • 14th Amendment: "Equal Protection under law"
  • ** Also called "Civil Rights Amendment"
  • 15th Amendment: Allowed blacks to vote
Republicans become the majority party. Their agenda was:
  • Morill Tariff
  • Homestead Act
  • Transcontinental Railroad
  • National Banking Act 1864: Puts us on the path to a national currency
  • Morill Act: FIrst federal intrusion on public education where land grants were given for agricultural education
Economic Effects
  • Accelerated industrialization, and a new industrial class became dominant as planter aristocracy is destroyed.
  • The South loses billions
  • Innovations: Packaged and canned foods
  • ** Mass product of clothes and generic sizing (S, M, L, XL). Transportation advances: Railroads

Effects on English Grammar

After the Civil War ended, the correct usage became "The United States is..." rather than "The United States are..." as had been the common way of speaking of this country prior to the Civil War. It cemented the fact that this was a single country, instead of a collection of independent states.
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What was the effect of the Civil War?

The question of whether or not a state could legally leave the United States was decided and the answer is "no." Slavery was abolished (although not by the Emancipation Proclamation, which only emancipated all slaves in states of rebellion aka the Confederacy. It was not until the 13th Amednment was passed that slavery was officially abolished and suffrage was granted to all black men of voting age along with citizenship for all blacks living within the US). Many of the more commonly practiced methods of warfare were changed. Napoleonic tactics officially became obsolete. The invention and mass-production of the rifled musket made the old Napoleonic columns of the first part of the century extraordinarily dangerous and made assaulting an enemy position next to impossible without massive artillery or overwhelming numbers. Total war was discovered (or rediscovered, depending on your stance), which stated essentially that in order to bring down an enemy state then every part of that state becomes the enemy: including civilians and non-military infrastructure. The Gatling gun was invented. The Civil War helped to bring the country together. Most of the soldiers who fought had never left their home counties, much less their home state, and yet here they were marching up and down a continent that they didn't know, yet all of it was their home. These long marches and campaigns, interchanges between Confederate and Union troops and even amongst the armies themselves, helped Americans to gain a sense of national identity, which had been remarkably difficult for a country of our size.

What were the effects of the Civil War?

After the Civil War, much of the south lay in ruins. Roads, bridges, and railways were also destroyed.

What are the causes and effects of the civil war?

Answer Causes . states' rights . john brown's rebellion . industry vs. election . slavery . lincoln's election . missouri compromise . compromise of 1850 Effects . reconstruction (scalawags and carpetbaggers) . southern poverty . jim crow laws . emancipation proclamation (eventually complete abolishment of slavery)

What are the effects of the US Civil War?

The civil war was about slavery, correct? Actually it wasn't, you are to believe what you wish, but I am telling you what a historian told my Father, and what my Father told me. The civil war was mostly about economy, like every war is, and the North had a quite decent economy and a lot more diversity to their economy, but the South had a fantastic economy that was based off on the mighty cotton. So the North started to tax the southern states, and in time started to tell the south that slavery was bad, they didn't really care about the slaves, but if the north couldn't have slaves and profit off of it, then why could the south? So the south disagreed and went to war, in the end, they lost, and(now to get to your question) if the union had lost, we could've been separate countries, and it might have had an effect on our other wars or even our place as no.1 country in the world. So the slaves were free, somewhat, they still didn't get the rights they have now, even after the war they were treated like garbage, but in time, they got the rights they have now. :)

What effect did the Civil War have on the US?

well i think the civil war was when people of the world share there appreciation on the world and then if they fight chances are they could get killed and die. i think so i read it with my teacher

What effects did the civil war have on the south?

I am doing research project ,i need the question answered but i could try and help out the younger kids (goats)

How did the civil war effect the north?

It effected the North because people got more jobs. For example women got job as nurses so did men.

What were the effects of the American Civil War?

The main effects of the civil war were the economic changes, the slave techniques, capital, political changes, Black codes, Ku Klux Klan, and the 13 th , 14 th , and 15 th amendments.

What happened in the women's rights movement in the aftermath of the civil war?

Women continued their pursuit for equal rights following the CivilWar. During the war the women gained respect for proving that theycould take control of the responsibilities the men had to leavewhen they went off to war while still maintaining their homes andfamily. This helped the women's rights movement immensely.

What were negative effects of the Civil War?

It is one of the bloodiest conflicts in the world causing about 618,000 casualties. Although about half of those are from disease.

How did technology have an effect on the Civil war?

More accurate weapons resulted in huge casualties. I got that in my social studies and I got it right! Trust me (: P.S. It depends on what answer you have, it might be a different answer but it should be that.

What effect did the civil war have on women?

Some of them literally went insane, died, or lived life on farms in rural areas, just like the men.

What effect did the civil war have on slavery?

It put slavery to an end. It also changed the U.S by bringing the same rights for each human including slaves. Plus it made the north and the south to reunite. By: Israa :p Date: April 26 2012 11 years old

What effect did the civil war have on Tennessee?

Tennessee was a divided state because of the Civil War. A half ofthe state supported slavery while the other half was loyal to theUnion.

What were the effects of the Chinese civil war?

First of all, the Fall of the Zhou dynasty made the Chinese government weak because of the outbreak of the civil war. as you should already know, nobles began calling themselves kings of their land gained by the king/ruler. The weaken of the Chinese government forced Chinese people to stop fighting.

What effect did the civil war have on the north?

many people in the north were dead,injured,or missing.lots of forests an houses were burned down.reconstruction occured later in the years and the economy was restored.a man from the south shot abraham lincoln in a nickelodeon(now,in present day,isKnown as a theator).vice-presedent Andrew Johnson became presedent.

What were the effects that the civil war had on the south?

There were many effects of the civil war on the south,such as the economy in the south went down,the rise of groups such as the Klu Klux Klan,and a hatred of the northern states that went well into the 20th century.. klvjdlsjgdskljgf;jgdksdkgsdjhsdfkjfggfjkdfkjsdfk

How did the Civil war effect the south?

The Civil War (for one thing) abolished slaverly, more in the north than the south. It also kept the south states from seceding from the United States, mainly because of Abraham Licoln.

What were the effects of the civil war in the north?

A booming economy, as the factories and farms turned out the weapons, equipment and rations that were needed to keep large armies in the field. But increasing war-weariness as the casualties mounted without any apparent result, and Lincoln believed that he would lose the 1864 election. Only some timely successes by Sherman, Sheridan and Admiral Farragut (relief of Mobile) averted a Democratic win, which would probably have meant Southern independence.

What were the effects that the civil war had on the north?

The federal states and union were redefined predominantly in thenorth after the Civil War. Also, the abolition of slavery was feltfirst in the north and was much less resented by northern citizens.The north also experienced an economic boom.

What was an effect of the civil war?

The Civil War had economic effects in that the confederate moneywas no longer valid and many people were left with nothing. Anothereffect was a lot of states towns were destroyed, a lot of them hadto rebuild this was known as the Reconstruction period.

Social effects after civil war?

it allowed many people to be united under one nation and it freed the black slaves

Which was an effect of the Civil War?

Northern manufacturing industries prospered. The South's economy was nearly destroyed. Cotton prices dropped after the war. Cotton prices dropped after the war.

What event effected the Civil War?

The events which led to or caused the American civil war were: . Slavery . the southern state's lack of control of the Federal Government . the election of Abraham Lincoln

How did reporters effect the Civil War?

The US Civil War was the US's 2nd war in which photography, in which each photo was worth a thousand words, brought the war to the public. Quite naturally, the carnage shown in those images caused many people to hope for an end to the war.

What effect on the Civil War did slavery have?

Slavery had a major impact on the civil war due to the fact that the North and the South were fighting over slavery at first. However, as time progressed many other issues became the vital ingredient to the Civil War.

How did the World War 2 aftermath effect labor?

people felt like it was time for new oppertunities and it has changed the lives of the working women for ever. Women have been able to have much more success in life but it has ment less kids in the world which is not always a good thing By Sam Casey!!!. people felt like it was time for new oppertunities and it has changed the lives of the working women for ever. Women have been able to have much more success in life but it has ment less kids in the world which is not always a bad thing By Sam Casey!!!

3 effects of the civil war?

1. The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves. 2. A disgruntled pro slavery supporter assassinated Lincoln. 3. Many con men took advantage of Reconstruction to line the pockets with ill gotten gains.

How did weapons effect the civil war?

Before I start, you probably should have used the word 'affect' instead of 'effect'. Well did you know that many of the modern weapons which are used today were first thought of or invented during the civil war? The machine gun, hot air balloon, submarine, battleship, aircraft, gas warfare, land mines, and many others were first used in the civil war. Most of them were unreliable and not in widespread use, but ironclads (the first metal ships) began to replace the wooden sloops of old. Mostly, the use of trench warfare and Napoleonic battle strategy determined the outcome of the war. In addition, political and econimical issues and also the sheer size of the Union army determined the Union to be victorious.

What effect did the Civil War have on the south?

it made the south lose independence and stop slavery. The civil war made the north the governing body of the population.

What were the results of the Civil War and what two key questions remained unresolved in its aftermath?

· Results are the abolishment of slavery and the preservation of the U.S. as one union. · Two key questions remained unresolved are the discrimination and class contradictions.

What were economic effects of the civil war?

The economic effects of the civil war were that the confederate money was no longer valid and many people were left with nothing another effect was a lot of states towns were destroyed, a lot of them had to rebuild this was known as the RECONSTRUCTION period

What was an important effect of the Civil War?

The most important effect that the civil war was that all slaves were free on January 1 1863

What was the cause and effect of the civil war?

The causes were tariffs, the 10th amendment, and slavery. The effects were the south temporarily leaving the union, abolishment of slavery, and much bloodshed.

How did the Civil War effect the Bahamas?

the woman of the Bahamas wanted to help so they sold themselves to prostitution in order to make money to help the states.

What was a political effect of the civil war?

it was a lengthy war.most of the men who went to war fought for the confederate.men where required to go to war.the government declared marial law. i hope i got it all because i have to do a book for Texas history class

What effects did the civil war have on Texas?

well, first off Texas had seceded from the union so it was a confederate state that believed in slaver, therefore when the union won back the confederate states Texas was no longer a slave state because the union had abolished slavery.

How did the Population effect the Civil War?

The South had a far smaller population, many of them slaves. This increasingly tilted the balance against them, until they literally ran out of men. When Grant became General-in-Chief of the Union forces, he calculated that he could win the war by pure attrition. And this is what happened, despite protests from the Northern public about the continuing casualties in the last year of the war.

What are the effect of Nigerian civil war?

Well I'm sure it was hunger strike or starvation that caused children to get Kwashiorkor because of malnutrition and severe that resulted to blockade and children got tropical illnesses

Do you believe the New South Dream was possible in the aftermath of the Civil War?

Are you referring to the old saying, "...the south shall rise again!"? If you are, that's an old saying and old "wish-ful thinking." Besides, "if" the south ever did rise again...it certainly wouldn't be "rising" in the way the traditional southerners thought it would!

Does the civil war effect society?

Yes it did. The society started to turn on each other because people had different opions about slavery and people ont the same side got close knit because of their believe towards slavery

What are the effects of the Lebanese civil war?

There is a lot of effects of this war, but I will tell some of them. 1. Their economy was not as effective 2. Huge damage was caused in all cities of Lebanon 3. Great loss of people 4. Some dead bodies are still not found. They are still underground. It's not a lot, but this is what I found. Hope it helps (;

What are the effects of the Nigerian civil war?

Frankly speaking the answer to this supposedly simple question may not be as simple as the question itself and I'll tell you why.... The devastating civil war has different effect on different tribes. For some, one tribe's loss is their gain in all ramifications. So simply speaking ,the opinion on the effects of the civil war will be marred in bias opinion and cover ups, because the true effect or the consequences of that fastidious war or pogrom is an indictment on those who parade themselves as leaders or elder statesmen; those who should be heading for the Hague to face war crime and crime against humanity in the current post communist, post colonial unipolar world. Basically, the effect is so numerous to mention. From, Physical, to economical , to destruction of the entire psychological social fabric that knits a society together. Of course, the Easterners beard the heavy brunt of the war. People forgot, that the Biafran territoty was the play ground for the gang of the Federal government backed by colonial master; The Great Britiain, Soviet Union, Almost all the Islamic world, in short almost every nation except for, France, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Tanzania, along with various charities and individuals across the world, especially some Americans. United States herself was involved in the messsy Viet Nam war, but mostly gave a blanch cheque to Great Britain to do as she wished. It will take all day to actually diseminate or chronicle the effect that war in full full detail right here, maybe a more realistic approach will be doing it in segments. We can start by asking what is really wrong with post civil war Nigerian society? Why are we the way we are? Why are we so dysfunctional and do things that are in variance with the basic human and societal standard? Why are we so cynical and self destructive? How come every generation seem to have their dreams deffered and years past seem better than the current era and the future seem very bleak. The irony of the whole issue is that Nigerians are in dennial. The refuse to face up to the fact that something is inherently wrong with the Nigerian Society. It is true that each life's experience shapes who we become so is true of the civil war. For the Easterners, the most brilliant generation was lost in the civil war. The Easterners emerging from the losing side of the war had to face up with the dire consequences of coming from losing a war. Although will claim that Gen. Gowon's proclamation of no Victor , No Vanquished made everything alright; but not so. The economic devastation started almost immediately. Most Easterners, had to start life from the scratch. In fact, the Late Awolowo, introduced a policy that devastated the Easterners economically. Under his ministry of Finance a deliberate policy was introduced putting a cap on the amount each Easterner can get, regardless of how much he or she deposited before the war broke out. This was early 70s, at the same time some other people on the Nigerian sides were encouraged and aided through banks loans and what have to purchase shares and equity in some of the major corporations and organizations, creating an overwhelming domination of the organized private sector in Nigeria. The same lopsided policy was introduced across the board in what supposed to be one Nigeria. The effect of some these ill advised policies are still playing out. Most men of Eastern extraction, especially the Igbos who survived the war statistics will reveled that they had shorter life span compared to their Yoruba and Hausa counterparts. Automatically their zeal for pursuit of educated was directly affected as survival took precedent, resulting in the popular Igbo traders phenomenon. Some of those traders could have been the greatest minds that could've changed the Nigeria economic and social landscape. Then you have this unofficial policy of Biafra shall not rise again! A policy that dealt a devastating blow to Nigerian holisitic and sustainable development. It is like a tripod trying to balance on two legs; almost impossible. It must continuously be supported or aided to stand, just like the Nigerian Nation has been unable to stand still and tall with its huge potentials. After the war, there was this parannoyal that all of a sudden the Biafrans will rise again and challenge the injustice they were subjected to. Just like the injustice of the first world as perceived by the Germans gave birth to the second world war. So the military leadership of that time and in fact, subsequent administrations towed the strategy of Biafra shall not rise again. One may ask, what are these policies? Let's just look at some instances; In planning post civil war Nigeria, the Eastern Nigeria, including the present South South, were deliberately eschewed or sidetracked, even though those areas are the most productive parts of country. Take for example Nigeria lost most of her citizens on car accident simply because the Government deliberately refused to develop infrastructure of those areas they considered part of Biafran territory. They ensured that all the seaports, airports, railway, and everything that may prove strategic to the suspicious Biafra never received any attention. The dual carriage way for instance, started from Shagamu and terminated at Benin city in the present Edo state, leaving the other half that connects the current Delta, Southeast and the rest of the oil producing South South single lane for decades, and God knows how many people of that region lost their lives on that narrow busy highway. The Niger Bridge, till today is still a story, meanwhile some other parts of the nation with little or no economic benefits are being inundated with infrastructures that adds little or n o value to the economic or social development of Nigeria. in fact, for a long long time the Easterners have to come to Lagos to send ordinary telex or make phone calls to their foreign partners. Till tomorrow all major goods must be cleared in Lagos and then haulaged to else where in the Eastern region, despite seaport in Calabar, Portharcourt, Warri etc. Why? because the policy makers in their myopic mind, believe that these infrastructures the back bone of a nations development may aid or serve the interest of the Biafran territory, and perhaps help in their ability to engage in another rebellion. One can go on and on, and sadly enough this mind set still plays out till this day, yet we wonder why we are under performing. Competence and qualification does not determine your position, instead it is where you come from. In fact, some positions in the federal government are considered ; No go Area for people of Eastern Nigeria, until most recently. The result; mediocrity and stagnation. Then the win the war mentality. The military boys that prosecuted the war, eventually became the leaders under the military dictatorship. Psychologically, these see the entire Nigerian entity as a war booty than must be shared among themselves, and thats exactly what they have done and continue to do. Little wonder that just about nevery Former General owns an oil bloc, and are chairmen of some of the most strategic companies in Nigeria. And with their win the war booty and idiosyncrasy, their dysfunctional approach to leadership became the new normal for the greater society. Immediate effect, fire brigade approach to everything. The violence, the destruction of the civil society and the police force, all in effort to reign supreme. Today, with much of the wealth cornered by the win the war generation, they use their wealth to perpetuate their failed policy and ideas with their deep seated resentment of those they still consider their enemies. Perhaps we all need services of the professional psychologist and psychotherapist, to help all that are wounded to heal and face up to the challenges of building a more sane and equitable society. "He who fail to realize where the rain started beating him may not know when the rain stops beating him. we need to take that backward step, and revisit or examine the devastating effect of that sad civil war.

What were some effects of America's involvement in the aftermath of World War 1?

The Great Depression League of Nations formed Germany forced to pay reparations Led to WW2

What was the effect of the Civil War on US?

It was Not a "Civil War" as "they" call it...A Civil War is two factions fighting for control of a single government. That was not the case. The South had already separated itself from the North. There should have never been a war and never would have been one had Lincoln not intentionally started it. Google it....it's not in the books praising him for obvious reasons. But he admitted to the mayor of Chicago who fussed about him wanting 12,000 more men from Chicago to help fight his war..."you wanted a war mayor, and I gave it to you"...Research this and when you find it...ask why it is not in the history books? Lincoln was a despot in all terms! The truth is finally coming out.

How did Farragut effect the civil war?

He was the Admiral who liberated New Orleans and Mobile. The second victory raised Northern morale and helped Lincoln to win the 1864 election.

What where the effects Sudan civil war?

The effects of the Sudan war were to leave millions of Sudanese starving, homeless and without water. A good example of how the Islamic invaders treat defeated peoples even in these 'modern' times.

What linked Egypt to the aftermath of US Civil War?

To the surprise of many US Civil War buffs, a number of Union andConfederate officers became members of Egypt's military after thewar. As one example, Confederate general William Loring joinedEgypt's military forces.

What are 4 effects of the civil war?

The Civil War was one of the most tragic wars in American history. More Americans died then in all other wars combined. Brother fought against brother and the nation was torn apart. In the end, we must look at the important consequences of the conflict. There may be others, but this is a good list to work off. A. The nation was reunited and the southern states were not allowed to secede. B. The South was placed under military rule and divided into military districts. Southern states then had to apply for readmission to the Union. C. The Federal government proved itself supreme over the states. Essentially this was a war over states rights and federalism and the victor was the power of the national government. D. Slavery was effectivly ended. While slavery was not officially outlawed until the passage of the 13th amendment, the slaves were set free upon the end of the war. E. Reconstruction, the plan to rebuild America after the war, began. F. Industrialism began as a reult of the increase in wartime production and the development of new technologies

What was the aftermath of the US Civil War Battle of Shiloh?

The end of Confederate hopes of occupying Tennessee, and the deathin battle of Confederate General Sidney Johnston, regarded by someas the best soldier in America.