What where the capital cities of the 13 colonies?

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Rhode Island-Providence

New Hampshire- Concord

Massachusetts- Boston

Connecticut- Hartford

New York- Albany

New Jersey- Trenton

Pennsylvania- Philadelphia

Maryland- Annapolis

Delaware- Dover

Virginia- Depends on the year in question.

North Carolina- New Bern until 1776, the capitol then was wherever the governor and elected officials could meet safely.

South Carolina- Charleston

Georgia - Savannah

The Capitol of Virginia was Williamsburg until December 24, 1779 at which time it was moved to Richmond.

The Capitol of Georgia at the time of the American Revolution was Savannah.

The Capitol of South Carolina at the time of the American Revolution was Charleston. The city of Columbia was not founded until 1786.

The capitol of Pennsylvania at the time of the American Revolution was Philadelphia. The Capitol was moved to Lancaster in 1799 and finally to Harrisburg in 1812.
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What are 15 cities in the 13 Colonies?

There were many prominent cities within the 13 colonies. Someexamples include Charleston, New York, Salem, Richmond, Hillsboro,Raleigh, Norfolk, Baltimore, New Haven, Albany,

Where can you see a map of the 13 colonies with capital cities?

The 13 capitals at the start of the Revolutionary War (1775) were: New Hampshire - Portsmouth, Exeter Massachusetts - Boston New York - New York City Connecticut - Har

What are the capital cities of the 13 colonies?

Massachusetts - Boston Rhode Island - Providence Connecticut - Hartford New Hampshire - Concord New York - Albany Delaware - Dover New Jersey - Trenton Pennsylva