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When the Sun dies out it will trigger a massive explosion expanding 300 times it's usual diameter meaning it will consume Mercury,Venus and Even Earth (possibly even Mars!)
Even if you were further away the Sun would burn us if the core hadn't all died out if it had then we would all freeze to death.
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What happen to the astronauts that landed on the sun?

Firstly, no astronaut culd get to the sun. The heat would vaporise them and their craft long before then. Secondly, even if they could reach it, the sun has no solid surface;

What will happen to the sun once its fuel is used up?

When more than about 60% of the Sun's hydrogen has been converted into helium, the Sun will start to shrink because the power required to suspend the Sun's upper layers agains

What happens in the sun?

The question is a little broad to answer directly. I assume you want to know how the Sun gets to shine. This is due nuclear fusion being performed in the Sun's core. The press

What will happen to the sun after it runs out of fuel?

This is actually a rather long and complicated process. Stars don't BOOM, run out of fuel like a car might. Originally, all stars are composed mostly of hydrogen, the simplest

What will happen to the sun in 5 billion years when it runs out of H fuel?

After 5 billion years, the sun will start to die out. When it runs out of gas it will start to shrink inside and expand on the outside. This is the process of becoming a red g

What will happen to the sun when it runs out of fuel?

When the sun runs out of fuel the earth and the people on it will freeze to death. But it is more likely that the sun will have a supernova which is when the sun gets to much

What will happen to the sun in the future?

The sun is said to turn into a red giant and killing he human race and all life on earth. It cannot explode because it is too small.

What will happen to the sun when it dies?

There would be all kids of things like earthquakes,sunnamis,tornados, and hurricanes. The earth would be like a pile of dust. IT BE COLD BURR!!!! :)

What will happen when the sun runs out of energy?

If the sun will run out of energy there would be no life on Earth, because all the plants and trees would die. So if the plants would die it would effect life cycle. Also ther

What happened to the sun baby in teletubbies?

Nothing happened to the sun baby. The sun baby was played by Jessica Smith. Jessica went on to become a successful actress until she was arrested in 2009 for a DUI. The Teletu

What happen if sun is near to the earth?

If the Sun and Earth were closer, the Earth's orbit would have to somehow speed up or risk being pulled into the Sun. The climate would warm up quite a bit, and years would be