What word begins with the letter k that means highly developed?

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Try "knotty".
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Words beginning with letter k?

kat kool kookie krazy katapiller kountry kount krust kake kork kwestion klock kum kome kock kord klap kap klamp krap komment konnor komputer korner koaxial kable kloset kode kard koop kan kolumn kod kontinue korrupt khange kaukasion kolonoskopy khart kreate kappilary karrot klose kry krud krap kaca (MORE)

What are some words that begin with the letter K?

Examples of words that begin with K are: . kabob . kale . kaleidoscope . kangaroo . karaoke . karat . karate . karma . katydid . kayak . kazoo . keel . keen . keep . keeper . keepsake . keg . kelp . kennel . keno . kept . kerchief . kernel . kerosene (MORE)

4 letter words that begin with k?

· kaki · kale · kayo · keel · keen · keep · kegs · kelp · keno · kept · keys · kick · kids · kill · kiln · kilo · kilt · kind · king · kiss · kite · kits · kiwi · knee · knew (MORE)

What are Words beginning with letter k?

Keen, keg, ken, kettle, key, kid, kill, kilt, kin, kipper, kiss, kitchen, kit, kite, kitten, kiwi, klaxon, knead, knee, kneel, knife, knives, knoll, knot, know.

Is there a French word beginning with the letter K?

Technically speaking, no; K is not a letter of the original French alphabet. However, a few words have come into French from the other languages, and retain their original spelling - kayak, kaleidoscope, kaki, kamikaze, kermesse....

What Scrabble words begin with the letter K?

Some words that start with K are: . kaleidoscope . kangaroo . Kansas . Karaoke . karate . karma . Keel . Keen . keep . keeper . kelp . kennel . Kentucky . Kept . ketchup . kettle . kewpie doll . key . keyhole . khaki . kibble . kick . kid . kidney . kill . killer . Kiln . (MORE)

What is a 4 letter word that begins with K?

kale . kart . kayo . keel . keen . keep . kegs . kelp . kept . keys . khan . kick . kids . kill . kiln . kilo . kilt . kind . kine . king . kink . kins . kips . kirk . kiss . kite . kith . kits . kiwi . knee . knew . knit . knob . knot . know

Words that begin with k that are 4 letters?

Here are some possible words: kale kart kayo kays keel keen keep kegs kelp keno kens kent kepi kept kerb kerf kern keys khan kick kids kiev kill kiln kilo kilt kind kine king kink kins kips kirk kiss kist kite kith kits (MORE)

A word that has 4 letters and begins with a k?

4 - letter words beginning with K. keep . kept . kilt . kind . kink . king . kiss . keen . keel . kale (veggie much like cabbage) . kame (material deposited by a melting glacier) . kelp (seaweed) . kerf (notch made in woodworking) . kick . khan (a Mongolian leader) . kill . kirk (ch (MORE)

A word meaning Love beginning with letter K?

I checked in quite a few places and didnt come up with much. how about these- knee deep love kosher love kysse (norwegian) Words which can be used in a sentence suitably to mean love - keen kindle Names which mean love- Kerensa Kalila Kennocha Then again, if Shakespeare could make up his own (MORE)

What word has 2 letters and begins with K?

There is no word with two letters and starts with K that can be found in the Standard English Dictionary. "Ki" is the name of a goddess who represented the earth in Sumerian mythology. There are other two-letter combinations that are intelligible in English, but they are abbreviations, codes o (MORE)

What word begins and ends with the letter K?

Kayak: a sports canoe or boat. . Kick: to strike or move with the foot. . Kink: a tight coil or twist; a minor difficulty. . Kiosk: a vendor's small booth or cart. . Knack: skill; a natural ability. . KnickKnack: a small figure or ornament. . Knock: to hit against something such as a door. (MORE)

Four letter word begins with k?

k 4-letter words:. kiss . kite . kiln . kelp . keep . kept . keys . keen . kiwi . kink . kick . kilt . kale . keel . khan . kill . king . kith . knee . knit . know . knew . knob

What are water words beginning with the letter k?

kelp (another word for seaweed). killer whale. king crab. krill (tiny shell fish). kingfisher (bird that makes its home near water/rivers). kayak (type of sailboat). knot (a measure of speed used for ships and aircraft)

What words begin with letter 'O' and meaning?

Optimistic means confident about afavorable outcome. Opinionated means having a very strong beliefabout something. Orthodox means having beliefs that aretraditionally accepted as correct.

What are Five letter words beginning with k?

5 letter K words:. kaput . karat . karma . krill (a fish) . kayak . kazoo . kabob . kneel . knelt . ketch . khaki . kinky . kiosk . knife . kitty . knack . knock . known . krona . koala . kulak

What are the characteristics of a highly developed country?

Highly developed countries are countries like the USA. They are advanced in technologies, medicines, and knowledge. They are more educational countries and tend to be richer countries as well. Also, factors like population and birth control can influence the title "highly developed countries." Hope (MORE)

What is a 2 letter word beginning with the letter K?

Two letter words are frequently abbreviations. Ka -- a Cirque du Soleil show Kb -- kilobyte KC -- Kansas City K.D. -- Singer Lang KE -- kinetic energy kg -- kilogram ki -- Chinese life force kJ -- kilojoule kl -- kiloliter km -- kilometer KN -- the King's knight KO -- knockou (MORE)

What is highly developed in cow?

What is highly developed in what cow?? Well, in dairy cows, their udders are more developed to produce more milk. In beef cows, well, not much has changed other than the ability to produce calves that are more beefier and put more meat on their frames.

Why is there a letter 'K' at the beginning of the word 'knife'?

The letter 'K' begins the word 'knife' because the word's uncertain origins in the Proto-Germanic word *knibaz were honored by the Ancient Norsemen when they brought the word into their language (Old Norse) as knifr, which was then brought into the Late Old English as the word cnif. (MORE)

Who are the highly developed are the Maya in Aztec?

The Maya and Aztec are two different groups of people at different time periods in roughly the same geographical location. The Mayas came first but both were considered to be advanced civilizations for their time periods.

What words begins with letter K?

· kangaroo · keg · kennel · kerchief · ketchup · kettle · key · keyboard · kick · kid · kimono · kiss · kitchen · kite · kitten · kiwi · knee · knife · knight · knot · knowledge · koala