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What would a vampire werewolf hybrid look like?

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The best example which could be given would be from the Underworld series, which showed a Lycan/Vampire hybrid, with the person being Lycan before becoming a hybrid, and a Vampire/Lycan hybrid with the person being a vampire before becoming a hybrid.

In both cases, the person has blue skin and black eyes. The primary difference is that the Vampire/Lycan hybrid has bat wings and no hair, whereas the Lycan/Vampire hybrid has black hair and more human like features (such as facial structure). However, there are only these two individuals (Michael Corvin and Markus Corvinus) who have undergone these forms of transformation, and to my knowledge the Underworld series is only film series to show such creatures, therefore other representations may exist.
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As they are both fictional concepts it is purely down to the author. A vampire is a dead body reanimated. A werewolf is a living body turbo-charged. Do the math yourself.

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Most legends have had some basis in fact, and the legend of the werewolf is no exception. However the werewolf of popular fantasy/horror novels and films is an imaginary beast

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As this is a question with no historical evidence, there are several acceptable answers to this question. Werewolf Victory A werewolf would win because of its super strength

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Paul Barber says it best in Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1988): If a typical vampire of folklore, not fiction, were t