What would you need to marry a Mexican woman and have her live here in the US?

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You can marry by proxy in Mexico or go there and marry her. You could also have her apply for a green card and bring her here and marry her.
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If you're planning to marry an illegal Mexican would it be easier to go back to Mexico and get a fiance visa like he was never here or get married here and proceed here?

If his passport has not been stamped .. so basically the US has no knowledge of him being here illegally.. it would be faster for you do get married in Mexico and apply for a visa that way... that way your fiance can enter the US on a visa allowing permanent status and he'll be able to get his green (MORE)

I am dating an illegal Mexican and we are talking about getting married Would it be easier to go back to Mexico and get a fiance visa like he was never here or get married here and proceed here?

From my understanding it would be better to get married here in the US. Don't send him back for the fiancee visa because they take about 6 months or more to process before he can come back over. It's better to go ahead and get married. Once married start the process with an Immigration attorney. It' (MORE)

If you marry a Mexican and plan to live with him in Mexico will it be difficult for the two of you to visit the US?

Answer . \nI'm assuming you are a US Citizen. It should not be too difficult for your spouse to get a tourist visa if that is what you mean. If your marrying future spouse here in the US I would recommend filing for residency BEFORE leaving for Mexico (6 month to 1 year approval wait), but this i (MORE)

After you marry a Mexican immigrant does he have to move to Mexico and live there for 6 months and then move back to the US and would you have to move there too?

Check with INS but first thing to do is apply for his Residency. The moving to Mexico is really not necessary (check with immigration lawyer - free consultation) and No you would NOT have to move also. They tell him to move back to Mexico to make it easier to handle him if he is denied Residency. He (MORE)

If I marry an illegal Mexican here in the US and it is legal how does he become a citizen without having to return to Mexico?

At 18 years old I was asking the same question. I am now 24 and my husband lives in Mexico and I live in the United States we have a 4 year old son who lives in Mexico with my husband. The short answer to your question is NO. The United States government doesn't care about destroying families when a (MORE)

You want to marry my boyfriend he is here illegal from Mexico if we marry in the us can we still apply for his residence or do we need to be married in Mexico?

Depends- if there was LEGAL entry but he became illegal because his visa expired- the person would get their green card in a few months- there is no need for him to leave the U.S. if there was ILLEGAL entry, then it would take a trip to the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez (HE MUST DO THIS) and hav (MORE)

After marrying a Mexican National in Mexico what is the next step to bring her to the US -do you apply for the green card here or in Mexico?

She can get what INS calls "fiance visa". This is approved quickly and she can stay in the US until green card is approved. - There may be a problem, as it was in my case, that she cannot leave the US and re-enter under the fiance visa. - If you try she will not get back in. I live on the border and (MORE)

Can an American citizen living in Mexico marry a Mexican in the US?

Yes. I married my wife, a Mexican citizen, in the US while living with her family in Mexico. She had a B1-B2 visa so she could legally enter the US. We returned to Mexico to live. It took 4 hrs including crossing the border. For us to get PERMISSION to marry in Mexico would have taken months.

Why would a woman enter a relationship with a married man who lives in another state?

Answer . Woman or man, they simply get lonely and want to meet someone. Sometimes it's easier to meet someone over IMing (not a good idea because you never know who is at the other end) and then emailing each other and it can come to phoning each other. Loneliness is the worse thing to deal with (MORE)

You are a us citizen married to a Chinese woman can you live in china?

After you get married you need to take certified copies of the marriage certificates and originals to your embassy to register the marriage with them. (In the case of the US this starts the process of getting a green card and/or citizenship for the spouse.). Also after marriage and living together (MORE)

You are Mexican what do you have to do to marry to a us citizen?

If you are already in the United States, the fact that you are a Mexican citizen does not make it any more difficult for you to get married. You will follow the same procedure as anyone else and the laws of the U.S. state in which you are getting married will dictate the requirements. Marrying a U.S (MORE)

If you marry a woman who is here on a Tourist visa can she stay in US?

That depends. Is the petitioner a US citizen or lawful resident? If the woman is in a B2 status, yes she can stay as she awaits approval but the time period for her to wait can vary. If she leaves the US there is no garantee she will be allowed to enter until the petition is approved and she is cons (MORE)

Would an American be able to obtain a visa to live and work in any EU country with a British boyfriend or would they need to be engaged or married and have dual US-UK citizenship?

The American would have to obtain a work visa in the particular EU country of choice in order to work. The popular VISA WAIVER program only allows for a 3-month tourist (no work is allowed). Once the American girlfriend obtains citizenship in an EU country (UK might be the best bet), then both sh (MORE)

Where do married woman live in India?

They go to there husband's home. And as you know that most families there have ancestors in India so the lady then worships his ancestors and and doesn't do the same with hir any longer .....

Can you a UK woman come to the us and marry a us woman and live with her permenantly and work you the us?

well if a man from Mexico can marry a man from the US in the US just fine then yes you should be able to. :) Added: I would disregard the initial anaswer. Considering the current confused state of affairs regarding GLBT issues in the U.S. and what consititutes a "legal" marriage and what constitute (MORE)

Your husband is Italian and you are American you married in Italy and currently live in the US how do you get a divorce here?

, If you were married in another country, and followed the proper steps to ensure the marriage where legal in the US, then you would only need to follow the proper steps in your local jurisdiction. There are no special rules for you to divorce here if the person is from another country. Even if t (MORE)

Can you marry a christian girl because you need to be a citizen here in the us so you want to know if its halal or haram to marry her so you can get the paperwork?

Halal or haram doesn't even enter into it. If you marry just toremain in the country, you are in violation of US federal law andsubject to deportation. When you are deported, you do not come backto the US. Do as you should legally. Apply for a legal visa. Now, to the religious/cultural/social ele (MORE)

If a woman was to marry Tarzan name something she would have to get used to?

If a woman married Tarzan, she'd need to get used to: . Hearing only short sentences, often under 3 words, or grunts. (Ah, like most married men do! j/k) . A long, very loud yell at unpredictable times. . Doing very little laundry for Tarzan. . Swinging from tree to tree. . Living in the jun (MORE)

Can a mexican marry in the us if married in mexico?

No. The US recognizes the marriage already performed in Mexico as valid. Therefore, an additional marriage could not take place without a divorce (or death). If the ceremony were accidentally performed without anyone realizing that the person was already married, he/she could be prosecuted for biga (MORE)

Why would a married woman be flirting with you?

There could be another explanation other than the one I have provided, but these are probably the most common, though I do not know the exact details of your situation. 1. It's possible that she simply finds you attractive and is doing this for fun, with no ulterior motive beyond that. 2. Sh (MORE)

Can an American woman marry an Saudi man and bring him to live to US?

Yes she can. Two options: 1.Both of them can get married outside US and then after getting the K-3 spouse visa he can enter US. 2. Else she can petition for his K-1 fiancee visa and after he enters US they can get married but should do so within 90 days after his entry since K-1 visa validity e (MORE)

Can an Australian woman who has 3 children in England live here legally if not married?

An Australian national cannot live in the UK indefinitely without the appropriate Visa, or some other qualifying criteria being met. The nationality of her children MAY mean that she is allowed to remain in the UK to live, IF the are of British nationality. Being born in the UK to parents of mixed n (MORE)