Whats the most common color of a digital camera?

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Silver or Black, or both together .
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What is the most common favorite color?

Most Popular Color in the World Is... ...blue. That's the word from a survey conducted by three global marketing firms that determined blue is overwhelmingly the favorite color of people in each of 17 different countries,

What is the most common eye color?

Answer Eye Color Brown is the most common eye color, it seems to be the most prominant gene in the mother. Well, Asian is the most common race, and almost all Asians have brown eyes. Next is the black race, almost all of us have brown eyes (not black eyes, but brown eyes, black eyes almost don't e (MORE)

Who invented the color digital camera?

some sources say adolf Hitler invented it in ww2 but im not sure which scientist really invented it, or if it was really the Germans. hope this helps :) ben.

Whats the most common dog?

1,Labrador retriever 2,German Shepard 3,Golden retriever 4,Yorkshire terriers 5,Beagle So the most popular is a Labrador retriever according to KC figures

What is the most common hair color?

Black and Brown are the most common hair colors in the world. I suppose it black or brown. Not blonde neither red. The most common hair colour is brown, followed by blond, red and then black/white. While it might seem that black hair is the most common, that hair usually isn't truly black but (MORE)

Whats the most popular labrador color?

Yellow labs are the most popular Labrador Retrievers. Black Labsare very close in second place. And last, but not least, theChocolate Labs are in third place. But they are all still verynice, friendly, loving dogs. Answer I watched Animal Planet on TVand they said that Black Labs were the most popul (MORE)

Whats the most common mammal?

i suppose in the UK it is a rat - urgh! but otherwise its a thing that has babies but not in an egg, like a bird is not a mammal because its babies are born in eggs mut sheep or horses etc. there mammals because they don't lay eggs.

Whats is the difference between film based cameras and digital cameras?

now Danielle is writing this :) digital cameras might seem better but are they?? They might be easier to use but they are actually harder because you have to focus them while the digital one is easier because they are easier to print and taking. This is why they are better than digital cameras. I (MORE)

What Are the most common colors for a wolf?

The color of a wolf's fur can vary, gray is the most common color. Wolves may also have black, reddish or white fur. Wolves have one of the widest range of fur color of any North American mammal.

What determines the color quality of a digital camera?

The quality of the sensor, and the camera's software. The lens is a bit of an issue in some cases. Color can be tweaked so during post-processing, that the product coming from the camera is almost a moot point unless you are a professional. Generally speaking, if you have a brand-name camera, the (MORE)

What is the most common color for a ferret?

Sable or polecat color - Browns, black, off-white with dark tail and legs and dark face mask The most common color for ferrets is sable or polecat color - Mixed Brown, black fur with off-white or cream guard hairs, dark tail and legs and a dark face mask Ferrets come in many colors and patterns (MORE)

What is the most common poo color?

Brown, but it can sometimes be black, or even green! Maybe even brown with red spots (this means you are bleeding in your rear end, if you do bleed you might have hemorrhoid's and should see your doctor).

What is most common color blindness?

The most common color blindness is Red and Blue color blind and it is most commonly found in boys rather than girls. The reason for this is that boys only have one X-chromosone and girls have two X-chromosones so boys are more prone to being color blind than girls.

What is the most common color of wolves?

Gray, hence the common name Gray Wolf. This color is a mixture of black, white, gray, and sometimes tawny hairs. Usually the fur is a darker color on top with a lighter underbelly. Wolves come in colors ranging from black to white. What colors are most common depends on the location (for example, bl (MORE)

What is the most common color of bunnies?

Wild rabbits are usually grey or brown, depending on exactly whichspecies is being discussed. Domesticated rabbits can be white, black, brown, grey, orcombinations of these in varying intensities and patterns.

What are the most common colors of pantyhose?

Most common colors are skin tones (browns). As an example, Hanes has different skin tone colors such as nude, barely there, gentle brown, etc... The colors are meant to enhance the appearance of the legs as well as fit with what you're wearing. You'll also see colors such as black, grey, silver, al (MORE)

Whats a good digital camera for less than 100 dollars?

If you are looking for the best camera to purchase that is under $100.00 Canon has a good one called the Powershot. This camera does not have a lot of the different settings on it that some might want but it is a great point and shoot camera especially for the beginner. It is a 10 megapixel, and doe (MORE)

What is the most durable kids digital camera?

The Fisher Price kid tough digital camera is known for its rave reviews on durability with children. Priced at approximately $50, it is easy to handle for children and comes with 8MB with a SD memory slot for added photo capability.

Why are most modern photo cameras digital?

The following are some reasons why most of the modern photo cameras are digital; convenient capturing the scene, easy to be edited or unwanted photos, images can be seen right away, less hassle for there is no need to worry about replacing film every time.

Which digital cameras have the most memory?

Digital cameras usually have external memory cards that can hold many picture files. There are different types of cards with different memory sizes ranging from 2 gb to 64 gb.

What are some of the most expensive canon digital video cameras?

The most expensive canon digital video cameras are the compact ones that are all the rage at the Canon store distributorships. The canon digital video camera size is what makes it more expensive because of the technological costs involved in producing a product that is hand held and just as mobile (MORE)