When Your husbands work visa expires what do you do?

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i think you should call migration office regard to this matter. thanks
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If your husband is illegal how do you get him a visa or a green card?

if he has a clean record, no deportations, no felonies or DUI's or anything like that, you should be able to file for a green card. the paperwork is online, but you might consider getting a lawyer to avoid mistakes that could lead to his paperwork being denied. i do not think he is elligable for a v (MORE)

What can you do to get your husband legal and working when his tourist visa expired a year before you were married and you're now pregnant?

Answer . Apply for greencard ASAP regardless of his alien status. The longer you wait, the worse it will be for him and his chances. If you are preg. apply for Compassionate Grounds Stay. Get doctor to verify preg. and advocate him being with you. As soon as you apply for this, he may be gran (MORE)

How can you stay in the US after your visa has expired?

You stay in U.S. same way approximately 25-million illegal aliens do: just stay! Apparently no one in government cares what you do after you get here. Think of the advantages: free social and medical services, no income taxes to pay and a legitimate excuse to cry "prejudice" every time someone menti (MORE)

How long will it take before you can permenatly start work after getting a fiancee visa i read that you can work if you have a fiancee visa but you'll have to stop work when this visa expires?

Answer . After marriage, you may apply for an Employment Authorization Document (I-765), drivers license and social security card. All three will be needed to hold virtually any job in the U.S.. Of course, it takes time for these applications and petitions to be processed.. Therefore, genera (MORE)

Can you exit Russia with an expired Visa?

Yes, but you have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get an "exit visa" and it will only be valid if you produce a return flight ticket and a whole other long list of ever-changing documentation!. Best bet is to sneak out of the country where they wont check your passport...think easy border cro (MORE)

How do you stay in England after your visa expires?

After the term of your visa expires you are expected to leave and return to your own country from whence you came under The immigration Acts 1971 and 1988 which is in place to control immigration into the United Kingdom.Failure to leave the UK on or before the expiry date of your visa will result in (MORE)

What do you do if your work visa is expired?

Either apply for another, change your situation (get married to a U.S. citizen, student visa etc.) or leave. Anything else (including marriage only for the purpose of residency) is illegal.

How do i marry us citizen after my work visa expires?

You can get married at the county office like all Americans. After that your husband must file the Petition for Alien Relative, Form I-130, with the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office that serves the area where you live. If you are out of statu (MORE)

More informattion about how to get a husband visa in UAE?

\nHusband's salary has to be minimum Dhs 3.500 incl. housing allowance or Dhs 4.000 without. Proper accomodation must be provided.\n. \nDocuments: right entry visa, Residence permit application form, certified marriage certificate, NoC of company, Certificate of salary, Employment contract, results (MORE)

If somoneone with a work visa is arrested and later charges are dropped but is forced to leave because the visa is due to expire how long before they are allowed back in the United States?

When a person is in the United States on a work visa and isarrested with the charges dropped, forcing them to leave due to theexpiration of the visa, they are able to come back to the UnitedStates. The court in which the case was heard should providedocumentation that all charges were dropped so the (MORE)

What happens when a visitors visa expires?

If you are speaking of the U.S. - - when your visitors visa expires you must leave the country or apply for an extension. If you do not then you are here illegaly and your name will go into a national database and when found, you will be deported

When does a j1 visa expire?

The expiration date is written directly on the visa. The date itself (length) varies from program to program.

How do you report an illegal immigrant expired visa?

did they do something wrong? If not, don't report them. Besides, learn how to phrase a question. "Illegal immigrant expired visa" means there is such a thing as a visa for illegal immigrants. What I think you meant to ask was, how do you report an illegal immigrant who has an expired visa.

How do you get a visa for your husband that is an illegal alien?

Since you married an illegal alien, he cannot enter the country with you yet. However, If you want to help your partner with their status, he must have a form of entry such as I-94 or a stamp on his/her passport. As stated by the law: A U.S. Citizen can get married to an illegal immigrant if the s (MORE)

How do you get your mexican husband a visa for the US?

It is a long arduous process. It depends on if he came illegally or if he came with papers and the papers have expired. It also depends on how many times he has entered without inspection if that is the case. It also depends on how recently he arrived, and whether he has a criminal record on file. I (MORE)

Can you work if you have a visa?

You can work, only if you have obtained the particular visa that entitles you to work. For example, you cannot work on tourist visa in the US. It permits you to stay in the US only for a temporary period of time. You need to get H-1 B or other employment specific visas in order to work.

Does a visa card offer expire ever?

Yes visa cards do expire. When you first get your card there will be an expiry date on the card and you will be sent a new one before that one expires.

What to do after visa expired?

I'm now in New York. My visa has expired . I'm Chinese.I'm going to stay here and apply for refugee. Q0:What to do before above done. My Profession Skills: Software Development,Network Security,SystemMaintenance Q1:In all illegal jobs,I mean illegal, my skills can be used in NewYork or not? Of cou (MORE)