When was Palestine first called Palestine?

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The name "Palestine" is the cognate of an ancient word meaning "Philistines".

The earliest known mention of the word was by Ancient Egyptian scribes, used to describe invaders from the Palestinian area during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses III in the 12th century BCE (BC).
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What is Palestine?

The confusion as concerns "Palestine" is that it refers to two separate things. Definition 1 The British Mandate of Palestine covered all areas between Egypt, Jordan, Leb

Where is Palestine?

There are three different definitions of Palestine: a country (therecognized Palestinian Authority or the unrecognized Arab dream toreplace Israel), a British Mandate (from 19

What was Palestine?

The confusion as concerns "Palestine" is that it refers to twoseparate things. Definition 1 The British Mandate of Palestine covered all areas between Egypt,Jordan, Lebanon

Who was the first president of palestine?

There never was a first president of Palestine! Palestine is the name used by Arabs so that the world will believe they had a country in that land before the Jews. Amazingly,

Why did Israel come to Palestine first?

In Modern Times, Jews never had a country and lived scattered in all countries ruled by other religions. They wanted to have a country of their own. They always had power and

Was Islam the first religion in Palestine?

Not by a long shot. Islam is the 'newest' of the worlds major religions, only beginning in the 8th. century AD. _____________________________________________________________

Who was there first Israel or Palestine?

This question and the answer to it does not add any useful information and in fact does not resolve an problem. Jews lived in the land of Palestine for hundred of years along

Who ruled palestine in the first century?

No one, because in he first century there was no such place as Palestine. The area did not receive the name Palestina until after the second Jewish revolt. In the first centur

When did the Hebrews first occupy palestine?

Hebrews established Israel and lived there from the year 2000 BCE to 70 CE. After they were expelled from the land, the Romans renamed it "Palestine" in honor of the enemies o
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Who came first Israel or Palestine?

As concerns Declarations of Independence, Israel Declared itself aState in 1948 and Palestine only did so in 1988 (in exile) and 1993(in situ). Therefore, Israel came first.
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Who where in palestine first?

The Palestinians were. When European jews began to look for a "homeland" they also considered Uganda & Argentine as possible locations.
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Did it rain in first century palestine?

yes, it rained. The weather was roughly the same there as it istoday, with a rainy season in November to February and a drierclimate throughout the rest of the year.
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What was the problem in first-century Palestine?

In the 1st century AD there was a Great Rebellion of the Jews of Judea, which has also been called the First Jewish-Roman War (66-73). There were long-standing tensions betwe
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What were causes of the first Intifada in palestine?

The First intifada in Palestine was a revolt of Palestinians against the occupying Israelis. The trigger was a car crashwherein four Palestinians were killed when their car wa