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What foods did the people of First Century Palestine eat?

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What did the people of Palestine They ate bread,chicken and beef. Pork was forbidden

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What were Foods of palestine in 10-40 CE?

It wasn't called Palestine until after 70 CE. In 10-40, it was called "Israel". The common foods were nuts, grains, fruits, and kosher animals, such as lamb, goats and poultry.

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What did Jesus eat?

fish, wine and meatmore information:People in 1st Century Palestine ate a wide variety of both local and imported foods. Among others, the following were very common: olives, dates, figs, pomegranates and other fruit; vegetables; lamb, mutton, goats, poultry and other meats; fish of many kinds; breads and grains, cakes and other foods sweetened with honey; almonds, milk and various dairy products.

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