When was Syria established?

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Syria gained its independence in April 1946 from France. However, before that the region of "Greater Syria" (Bilad al-Sham or the countries of the north) consisted of the region of the current states of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel/Palestine and was an administrative region of the Ottoman Empire, as well as many former empires such as the Abbasids, Umayyads, and even the Romans and Greeks before that.
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Who is the President of Syria?

Bashar al-Assad is the President of Syria. He is the son of Hafez al-Assad, who was president of Syria from 1971 - 2000. After Bashar Al-Assad's father's death on 2000 June 10, he became the president one month later on July 17. The current Syrian president is Bashar Al-Assad but the Syrians are (MORE)

What is the climate in Syria?

It is very hot and dry in Syria but it will occasionally see snowin the winter months. Their winter months are very mild whencompared to other areas of the Earth.

Is Syria big?

yes kinda it is the biggest out of the cham countries Well the land of Syria that you see today isn't actually it. Its name is actually The Great Syria or "blad alsham" and it original borders are actually Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine. Add all those nations together and you well get The real S (MORE)

What county is Syria?

It is a Middle-Eastern country. It borders Lebanon, Jordan, & Palestine. It is an Arab country, who's religious rates are 76% Muslim, 20% Christian, & 4% other. Syria is ruled by President Bashar al-Asad.

What is unique about Syria?

That it is the oldest capital on Earth . Although Antioch is currently part of Turkey, Antioch wasconsidered part of Syria, which is the city that Christianitystarted in. the first alphabet

Is Syria safe?

22.5 million people live there, it seems safe for them. Certainly no more dangerous than many places. Not Currently(2012), but I was there a couple years ago and everything seemed fine. However they are crazy drivers so prepare yourself for that if you are going.

What is Syrias contient?

The country of Syria is located on the continent of Asia. Thecapitol of Syria is Damascus and the country has 22.4 millionresidents.

Who discovered Syria?

Syria was found by settlers over 100,000 years ago. We do not know the name of the first person who arrived there since that time predates history.

The religions of Syria?

Christianity is about 20% of the population, Islam about 80% That was back in the day though, right now Christians make a very big population in syria i don't know how much that way more than 20% Islam: Sunni: 74%, Shia:~13% Christian: ~10%

Do you like Syria?

Answer 1 To be honest, I am very ignorant about Syria, but am sure I wouldlike it if I got to know it better. Answer 2 While I like the spirit and character of Syrian people, I stronglyoppose the actions of the current government. Syrians are generallykind and trustworthy people. They also make (MORE)

Who are the leaders of Syria?

Their President is Bashar al-Assad, their two vice - presidents are Farouk al-Sharaa and Najah al-Attar and their Prime Minister is Muhammad Naji al-Otari.

What religions does Syria have?

Most Syrians are Sunni Muslims, however the government itself is controlled under a Shiite Alawite president named Bashar al-Assad, which consists as a religious minority. Besides Muslims, Syria also have a sizable Christian and Druze minorities as well.

Where is Greater Syria?

Well, Greater Syria was formed back in the days by an alliance that shocked the middle east people(especially the Saudi Arabians) It was a huge alliance between the Christians and Muslims and eventually the druze. Its like the American Policy of Equal right and freedoms but the Greater Syrian people (MORE)

Where is Syria in the world?

Syria is an Arab country, and as such is in the Middle East. It lies between latitudes 32N and 38N, and longitudes 35E and 42E. . The following is a map of the Middle east with Syria highlighted in red and a world map inset in the bottom left. It is a little small so I apologize in advance. http: (MORE)

What is is the neigbors of Syria?

Syria is bordered by Turkey from the North, Iraq from the East, Jordan from the south ,Palestine from south west, Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea from the West.

How long was Syria called Syria?

6000 years EDIT: This is incorrect. Syria has been called Syria since 10,000 B.C. Syria used to be larger than it currently is, but it divided into multiple countries. Source: I am Syrian.

Is Syria in turkey?

No, Syria is an independent country. Turkey is the country that boarders Syria from the north.

Why is Syria an LEDC?

Syria is an LEDC mainly because the same government (although it is a democracy) has been ruling for 41 years, and they have not been hearing out the citizens' demands for a better country.

Is Syria a monarchy?

Strictly speaking, it is not. It is a Presidential Dictatorship.However, the method of presidential succession is monarchical, inthat sons replace fathers as Presidents.

What can you do in Syria?

I recently went to Syria and it was great. Some sights to see are:Palmyra, Alleppo, and of course Damascues. Oh, and definitely shopin the souks (market places). Whats great about Syria is that youcan go to surrounding countries like Jordan, Israel, Egypt, andLebanon. We just went to Syria, Lebanon, (MORE)

Is there oil in Syria?

About 5% of the Worlds oil but 25% of the Syrian Economy.... themain oil was found by Iraq Oil a consortium of Shell, Exxon, BP andtwo smaller companies in 1933. Then the business was Nationalizedby King Nasser in 1958. I suspect the Big 3 would like to havetheir Refineries back and Shell, Exxon, BP (MORE)

Does Syria have mountains?

Yes , Syria has two famous mountains , the bigest one called Qasyoon , which you can see it all around the city , the seconed one is called al sheikh mountain its near Lebanon .

What problems does Syria have?

The economic and political liberalization promised by Bashir Assad in 2000 has not emerged,leaving the economy somewhat stagnated and there have been no major developments in terms of domestic affairs;it remains a authoritarian regime although Assad does not have his father's reputation for brutalit (MORE)

Why is there unrest in Syria?

Note: Don't listen to those Assad supporters, because they're out there to brainwash others to support this bloodthristy dictator. Be objective and find the truth. Its cause is a long and pitiful tragedy. Syria was created as a byproduct of Ottoman Turkish and French occupation. When the French ki (MORE)

What does the US have to do with Syria?

US is generally against the Syrian dictator, Bashar Al Assad, sothey are giving rebels weapons and providing them with a lot ofmoney, so they can bring the Syrian Dictator down. answer 2: Western power structure create all terrorist group like Al Qaeda,Taliban and now Takfiries and Isis and they mak (MORE)

What is happening in Syria?

People are dying under the bullets and bombs of their bloody and dictatorial president, and unfortunately, no one is caring.... They are dying because after 40 years they decided to stand up to the dictator bashar al-assad and want to choose their president and elect him instead of a president com (MORE)

Why did Syria have war?

Answer 1 Syria is having a war because the have one dictator which is aperson who is in charge and it dosen't matter what anyone elsedecides he has the power. The people didn't want this because itwas a unfair process and could be very dangerous if the leader madeone wrong descision which people co (MORE)

Why is there fighting in Syria?

It's revolution against dictator Bashar Assad and his regime. Assad family is rulling Syria from 1970, they destroy everything in Syria,steal everything and did so many massacres in Syria...

Why is there violence in Syria?

Because the United States wants to weaken Iran through collapsingSyira's Regime.. What I don't understand is why so many have to die

Who will win in Syria?

The US and UN, because The CIA and Al-Quada are regime changers for the New World Order.

What is the revolt in Syria about?

It's revolution against dictator Bashar Assad and his regime. Assad family is rulling Syria from 1970, they destroy everything in Syria,steal everything and did so many massacres in Syria...

Is Syria in OPEC?

No. OPEC members are Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela, in alphabetical order..

What did the president of Syria do?

The President of Syria is a dictator, using torture and violence to insert his power on his people; with most elections being rigged. However this is what we are informed of from the media. He will at some point must likely be removed from power were he will come to the UK most likely, due to his (MORE)

Why is there conflict in Syria?

There's a conflict in Syria because Bashar Al-Assad came to power and we never wanted him just like his dad (Hafez Al-Assad) did. This caused us to speak up against him and decide that we want a fair government.

Who is allied with Syria?

Syria is currently allied with Iran and Russia , and is also in good relations with thefollowing countries: . The People's Republic of China . North Korea . Cuba . Venezuela . Bolivia . Ecuador . Nicaragua . Brazil . South Africa . Tanzania . Pakistan

When did Syria happen?

Syria is an ancient country. Though it's been ruled off and on byvarious higher powers -- Rome, Egypt, others -- it goes backthousands of years BC. It's in the Bible. Damascus is the longestcontinuously occupied city in the world.

Who are Syria?

Syria is a place not a people. The people that live in Syria arecalled Syrians.

Was Syria nuked?

No. The only wartime nuclear bombs that have ever been used were the two employed by the United States against Japan in August of 1945. However, recently the Assad regime has used chemical weapons to attack civilians and enemies of the regimes. Conversely, Syria was collaborating with North Korea wi (MORE)

What is hapening in syria?

There is a civil war going on that is at the same time being usedas a power struggle between various religious factions of Islam andthe countries that support them. In simple terms, everybody isfighting everybody for a whole lot of different political andreligious reasons. It started with revolts ag (MORE)