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Marcus zbar invented the diving mask and filed for a patent sept.20 1944.after researching his claim the u.s. patent office issued him pat.#2420281.
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What year was the catcher's mask invented?

Answer   The catcher's mask was invented in the mid 1870s by a player on the Harvard baseball team. Click on the 'Invention of the Catcher's Mask' link on this page to r

When where and who invented the gas mask?

Garett Morgan invented the gas mask. I'm not sure when and where, though. By SkyQueen1234 Garrett Moragan invented the gas mask in in 1914 and never used it until 1916. and

Who invented masks?

It is believed that the origin of the mask was in the Early Stone  Age. Early man wore one which resembled an animal to disguise  himself while hunting in the forests. The w

Invented gas mask?

Edward Frank Harrison, in 1915, is generally credited with inventing the gas mask.

Why Was The Gas Mask Invented?

to protect the soldiers from the dangerous mustard gas and other harmful chemical gases  the alkaline in the wee covered cloth neutralised the harmful acidic gas and protect

When were gas masks invented?

The first gas mask invented was by Lewis P. Haslett in 1847.  Garrett Morgan invented the "Safety Hood and Smoke Protector" in  1912 and had it patented in 1914.